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  1. Just wondering if any pots patients out there have experienced seemingly random throat spasms? It’s the same tight feeling in the throat that you get when you are trying not to cry/very upset, but it happens what seems to be for no reason. It is very uncomfortable and a little painful. This seems to be a more frequent issue for me, and it seems like it may be pots related. In addition to this, the other night I woke up gasping for air because my throat or airway felt more narrow. I tried my best to stay calm and eventually it went away and I fell back asleep.
  2. Very interesting you say that this seems to happen a lot when things move around you! I have the same issue whether or not something is moving, but I will say that I feel very easily overwhelmed visually speaking when things are moving especially in a pattern, such as cars coming the opposite way. I don’t know what to do about it but it’s very uncomfortable, almost as if my nervous system is completely overwhelmed simply by sensory processing via vision.
  3. Wow I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with that! Did they figure that the seizures were directly pots related? The visual issues are so uncomfortable and make me feel uneasy pretty much all of the time to some extent. Would you say your symptom is pretty much the same as how I described? It’s so difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t dealt with pots! Even then, I’m really unsure what can even be done about it.
  4. Hey guys! So I’m new to these forums and just wanted to get connected to some people who are going through similar issues while living with POTS. I have dealt with pots symptoms for about 8 years now, but just recently received an actual diagnosis by my neurologist. In the past 2 years or so I have really struggled with visual issues that I assume is from pots, with or without my glasses/contacts. The best way I can describe it is this: I can be looking at a sign or a few words whether that be up close or 10 feet away, but my eye has a hard time staying focused/on point on the one portion that I’m staring at. It’s almost shaky/unstable looking. It’s not severe but it’s very uncomfortable, and makes me feel simultaneously uneasy/dizzy in my head as well. It’s very vague and hard to describe. The best example I can find is oscillopsia, where the vision is shaky but the person does not have physically shaky eyes (nystagmus.) Accompanied with that dizzy/uneasy feeling is a sense of feeling very overwhelmed by fast moving lights/objects, sometimes even simply scrolling through a page on my phone for an extended period of time. I have never had a seizure that I know of, but it sort of feels like a “mini seizure” in the way that I feel overwhelmed by repetitive visuals. Overall, these symptoms are worse with less sleep and are worse in the morning time. 2 years ago I had a test to see if I had any major rapid eye movement, but they said it was minimal and not causing this issue. I just had an EEG done but have not received the results yet, although the strobe light portion made me feel pretty uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Any info is helpful, as I’m sort of at a loss for what to do about this or what this even means for my pots. Thanks!
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