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  1. Hey, who was your doctor if you don’t mind me asking? I just received ANSAR results and they are the opposite of what I researched, which would explain the “paradoxical” part. Mine is Dr. Adiraju located in bucks county, pa.
  2. I am confused as well. Yeah, my symptoms started when I stopped both of them at the same time. Ritalin (10-20 mg a day), for around 2 years, been a certified coffee fiend for around 10. I also had a pretty much all day drip of diet iced-tea. It may have been possible? It is one of my theories, but anything with Dysautonmia it is super super hard to tell. I had a super stressful episode that coincided with "the withdraw"... I thought I was getting covid. So I stopped these both cold turkey.. I am in super good shape, low carb and have never been dehydrated in years. WAS in super good ment
  3. Jumping in here folks. Are you saying this low does of ritalin actually lowers your bp and HR readings? I have found the same with a low dose of caffeine throughout the day but it seems as if this is counterintuitive to hyper forms of OI/pots. @potsius I did not notice my symptoms until I withdrew off of a low dose of ritalin, and high amounts of caffeine. Doctors are perplexed as these usually "speed you up" but I was flatline low when I was taking 5-10mg of ritalin in the am, 5-10 mg mid-day. Haven't tried it since, too afraid.
  4. this does a pretty good job summing you the array of sinus-type symptoms. Notice the commonly searched keywords in the abstract https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6028164/ Before pots symptoms I maybe had a “sinus headache” once or twice in the last decade? Now I noticed as well when I start to overdue other mentally or physically i get a pressure between my eyes on the bridge of my nose
  5. I do. When the HR and BP started, I started get clear nasal drips after meals if I’ve eaten something too large or something I guess I don’t agree with? Never had them before. Seem to be worse when an imbalance is worse or currently present
  6. sorry to confuse! I am no longer taking any of these. Yes I use to drink 2-3 cups of strong coffee in the morning and probably 3-4 other low carb or sugarless drink that also had caffeine. I was never super sensitive to anything - quite the opposite. I didn’t experience any dysautonmia symptoms until I cut them all out cold turkey simultaneously. I was thinking maybe the combined withdrawal was what sent my body into dysfunction? It’s been over a month now and everything’s still happening. I haven’t had any of them, or alcohol, since. Cause I’ve been a bit too scared.
  7. Awesome thanks for the advice. I am guessing I can take the results of the ANSAR and any other leading tests to try to get an appointment at a major clinic. I live in the Philadelphia area - UPenn is a fantastic hospital for neurology but not sure how specific they are with dysautonomia
  8. I've never overdosed but withdrew from 4 substances cold-turkey simultaneously, albeit most relatively harmless in nature but all act on the CNS, and think I may have developed pots because of it. Low dose of ritalin (10-15 mg) for 18 months (taken breaks before), small amount of nicotine for 4 months, 500-1000 mg of caffeine for around 10 years, and then chronic marijuanna use. I have been reading a lot about protracted/acute withdrawal and see that it can mimic signs of acute intoxication. Not sure if anyone knows anything more.
  9. Hey @pistol, sorry for the late follow up. where would one get a Proper catecholamine test?! I see them at labs around my area but isn’t the whole point of it to do it during a tilt test or some version of one? My autonomic specialist does an ANSAR test and a few places around me do a Qsweat and maybe some others thanks!
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