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  1. I have the same symptoms as you, pots on standing and brachycardia when sitting down from time to time usually worse if I try and push past my pots symptoms it make sure the slow rate come worse when I sit!! Was diagnosed by. Holter for pots and they did a pet ct scan yesterday to rule out serious causes causing the pots symptoms xx
  2. I have had pots symptoms now for 3 months, it followed a viral infection and then a cardiologist diagnosed it after a 7 day holter and an echo to rule other things out. Iv gone from an athletic happy young mum to a bed ridden, depressed sad soul, I have two children that depend on me (I’m 30) and I’m letting them down with this illness. my symptoms- heart rate that jumps to 125 just standing up and continues to rise until I sit down if I don’t sit down once it get past 130/140 I get deep heart pain, SEVERE breathlessness and it takes me hours to get my breath back even once sitting. I get chest pain all day, light headed all day, sleep apnea now (I’m slim with no other health issues) and I gasp through the night with heart rates nearing 200! Also if I try and push myself to stand longer my heart switches from severe tachycardia 160 plus if standing more than 5 mins to a beat here or there and then when I sit down it’s SEVERE missed skipped slow beats!!! Like it’s going to explode/give out. Im so frightened, that it’s making me bed ridden which is causing severe anxiety/depression. And it’s hard to explain this to people as you look fine. My cardiologist sent me for a pet ct scan as he said sometime pots is due to more serious causes so I’m just waiting for the results as only had that yesterday . im always breathless which is worse after eating, talking, bathing, heat and ANY movement standing etc. My life has done a 360 and I’m in constant fear, please tell me this gets better.
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