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  1. Hi. I've posted before as I have been off work and have a load of POTS symptoms, it floored me. I didn't initially realise this but when investigated non POTS specialists said in letters I may have POTS and need a specialist referral (waiting). I was diagnosed with hEDS a few years ago by a geneticist. Also CFS and IBS and OA. I have headaches, sweating, tachycardia on moving, always feel light headed and slightly confused when standing/moving and have always wanted to lie down, visual issues, chest discomfort, cannot tolerate heat. Racing/ pounding heart, nausea, Raynaud's, exercise intoleran
  2. This is really interesting. I'm about to have 24 hr BP testing. BP has suddenly gone high but shoots up when I stand, I've been testing it at home with an omron too and sometimes I let my arm hang down on standing, other times bent but still relaxed. Sam, when you say your tests are clear for hyperpots do you mean your heart rate doesn't shoot up enough? I have quite disabling symptoms (also have hEDS) but on standing my BP shoots up, especially diastolic, but my heart rate doesn't always. However if I walk a few steps, then it does. I'm about to have tests to rule out other stuff but from res
  3. To andybonse, I just read this and saw that your BP increases on standing, so does mine! I am already diagnosed with hypermobile EDS and am on antihypertensive whilst I have the BP side of things investigated. But the gp I saw was shocked when it increased on standing, said they had never seen it. From googling I may have mild hyperadrenic pots if that is possible, as I have loads of quite disabling Pots symptoms but my heart rate doesn't always go up by 20-30, my symptoms seem to vary day by day. Anyway if you see this, any info would be appreciated, thank you! I'm in the UK.
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