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  1. I am so happy to have found this site. I am experiencing so much of what I a reading on here and also struggling to get Dr's to take me seriously. I also got sick with an unknown viral illness starting early March and ending ( so I thought) in late March. A week of reprieve went by and then I was sick again for another 2 weeks. After that subsided my leg started turning purple when I stand. They were trying to say I had Covid-19 and it was from that but I tested negative 4 times as well as had 2 antibody tests. They also wanted to shut me up by saying it's post viral syndrome and will go away on it's own. Im 4 months in, I've gone to emergency several times for shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, and palpitations. They run a CBC and send me on my way since I'm fine when laying down. I was just recently diagnosed with POTS. They checked my blood pressure laying sitting and standing and my bpm would raise and blood pressure drops. The cardiologist says she doesn't think that's all that is going on and not the cause of the discoloration in my leg. I'm also experiencing some stomach and esophageal dysmotility and really bad GERD (something I never had before) which is the scariest part of all and I don't know if it's all related and neither do the doctors. Ive lost 30 lbs and I am on a liquid diet due to swallowing difficulties. It all seems to be getting worse. Has anybody experienced this?? Is it related to POTS? Perhaps a different type of Dysautonomia?
  2. Hi, I see that this post is from 2 years ago. @Madisonjan7 Did you ever get a diagnosis for your leg? Has it improved? I have recently been diagnosed with POTS but the Cardiologist is saying that it is unlikely the cause of my leg. The Dermatologist also doesn't think it's Livedo Reticularis. Ive been having lots of digestive issues as well so I am not sure what to make of it but the leg seems to be getting more and more purple when I stand.
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