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  1. Tomorrow is the EP appointment. I hope this doctor is good and will listen. Something that I have been noticing for weeks is that I bruise very easily on my legs. I don't know if its happening while I'm standing for longer periods of time or what. I know I'm not bumping into things (if this is caused by hitting anything then it's barely touching me). I wear pants through the week at work, (desk job), and I wear shorts on the weekend. So I dont even notice new bruises till the weekend. This is one that has went from a yellow color yesterday to now a redder color. It's about 2-3 inch
  2. Had the MRI and Stress Echo last week. Both came back "low risk" which I was told that it means normal. Now they want me to see the Electrophysiologist before anything else. I had a couple of weeks of feeling like things were getting better. I would have a couple of nights of feeling unwell, especially after dinner but overall I felt like it was better. So, I started to push myself to be more active like I used to be, went outside while it was hot and stayed out all weekend. My Husband warned me to not over do it but I guess I did because at 1am Monday morning I was woken up by
  3. I'm more hopeful in answer now and happy that it's not "all in my head" like some have thought. I feel like we have found some of the pieces and are slowly putting the puzzle together.
  4. So I have an update from the test. Two days after the test the nurse called and said that the Dr saw some EKG changes and wants to repeat the test but with an echocardiogram. So I will be doing that next week. Then today she called again and said that the 14 day monitor showed atrial tachycardia. So hes also setting me an appointment with a specialist in the same office. This specialist is for the electrical part of the heart? So, I'm surprised but not surprised that he saw some things. I guess now I'm just wondering how serious all this will be. I don't know if any
  5. I know I will hate this test since they want to get my heart rate up. I just hope this test is worth the torture and helps point them in the right direction.
  6. I'm having a sress test Monday. Have any of you had this during your testing that lead to a diagnosis? I've been calling the nurse and letting them know of my symptoms and they just seem unconcerned. I know the biggest challenge right now is that doctors are avoiding seeing patients if possible because of the Covid-19 crisis. Today I had a mental breakdown from it. For the past two weeks I have had increasing joint and muscle pain. I am ok if I sit or lay down but as soon as I'm up and mobile, it starts and becomes debilitating. I worked this past week and it was worse each day. A
  7. Thank you! Everytime I find more information and read it to my Husband we both just say how much this condition sounds just like what I am dealing with. I told him that the only time I feel normal is laying in bed and as soon as I get up to get going, it starts back up with everything. I did have a 48 hour holter monitor back in February. That was ordered by another PCP that I left because they weren't even trying to help. It was impossible to get ahold of her or the nurse. After 2 months of her draggin her feet they finally did the 48 hour monitor. A month later after demanding the results, t
  8. Hello everyone, I hope that it's ok for me to post here. I do not have a diagnosis of POTS but I have one medical professional in my care team that has brought up the possibility. I would like to share my story and hopefully get some ideas on how to get my Doctors to consider the possibility and test for thos condition. I had a baby last summer at the age of 34. For the most part I felt ok after having the baby. But 3 months postpartum I started to have issues with blood pressure rising. I also recall of having problems with periods of time of feeling so unwell that I would have extr
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