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  1. Thanks for your reply, yes the connection between these symptoms is not clear. I had SVT for many years before the dizzy episodes began. They do not necessarily go hand in hand with SVT, but they seem to often trigger the SVT -- similar to other SVT triggers like caffeine, sugar and stress. I have sinus tachycardia and PVCs too. Hoping to get a referral to a doc from the list on this site. Thanks!
  2. Thank you both, this is helpful. I asked my PCP today for a referral to one of the docs on the list. I'm sure it will be a very long wait but at least it will be a start. Happy to have found this site with all the helpful info. And it just helps a lot to know that others have experienced something similar. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm new here and hoping to get some direction. I feel like I am at a dead end with my primary care doc. Her only suggestion is anti-anxiety meds, even though she says my symptoms don't sound like typical anxiety. I really just have one symptom. I get periodic (anywhere from one to maybe 50 a day) adrenaline rushes, like the "fight or flight" rush, except super intense. Each lasts about 5 seconds or less. I get a wave of intense dizziness, lose vision, have roaring in ears, everything goes dark, blood pounds in my neck and head, lose my balance, heart and blood pressure go crazy. I have to grab onto something or crouch on the ground to keep from falling. It passes quickly, like a wave. Some waves are less intense, some are so bad I lose consciousness. Stress triggered, but also happens when I am perfectly calm too. Has been happening for several years but got so bad this year I often can't work, drive, travel, socialize, etc. I am in my 50's and otherwise very healthy. I do have SVT but my cardiologist says these episodes are unrelated to SVT. But when I have a bunch of them in a row, they trigger the SVT. Does anyone experience anything similar? I have lived with this for a few years but now it has become truly debilitating. I have tried anti-anxiety meds and they have no effect on these episodes. What type of doctor might be able to help me figure this out? My PCP is not able to help but I think she would refer me to a specialist if I asked.
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