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  1. thank you . i think the toughest thing is mentally there is so much going around in circles with symptoms and no one really having a clue you start to lose track of why you are actually so miserable ! there is so many little symptoms involves at the same time it hurts my brain to keep track. I think at the moment the ectopics and fatigue combined with the anxiety they are causing is my biggest issue . the other thing is excercise . I can run , walk lift weights etc.. and I feel fine when actually doing it . but if I stop and stand in one spot after everything goes to crap . my legs start to hu
  2. I'm sorry to bring this up again. I feel like I can't keep doing this anymore . I was having a great few weeks and then all of a sudden the last week or 2 have been horrendous ! I can't work anymore ! I'm that tired it's not funny . I sit there and I can't even talk much without getting wiped out . I feel diZzy all of a sudden Monday through a conversation and I have to stop talking . My muscles are twitching, my eye is twitching and the ectopic beats have gone nuts . any sympathetic drive like when getting up or lying back down start the ectopics . I have to hold my breath when I sit down aft
  3. ignore this. apologies I found a link at the top of the forum that addresses covid issues. thank you all.
  4. thank you guys for the tip I will take it on board . in the mean time has anyone got any info on how this fits in with covid 19. I'm just getting by at the moment with work and family life etc... with restriction now at our end of the world in Oz slowly being loosed and kids going back to school I'm concerned about a covid 19 infection tipping my symptoms over the edge ! I'm only 39 but still it sounds like any kind of virus changes the balance of things within the body. has anyone been given info about the risk to people with autonomic imbalance from corona virus ? should I treat myself as be
  5. thank you sounds like I need to get in a wait list of a specialist. in the mean time is there anything I can do about the fatigue. I have noticed the fatigue and ectopics seem to come in waves together. does anyone have any good tips to deal with that in the short term till I can see someone. I have noticed by accident that after I go for a swim in a cold pool the fatigue and palpitations go away for a few hours . I'm not sure how or why it just seems to happen . I'm trying cold showers at the moment and they do help somewhat. is there anything else ?
  6. so I did some testing at home with measuring my pulse and bp. my blood pressure doesn't seem to drop acrually. infact it goes up just a tad when standing specially the diastolic. I went on average from 105/70 to 120/80 standing. the problem though is my resting heart rate went from 65 to about 90 instantly on standing and was about 100 after a few mins of standing . it drops right back to the 60s when I sit back down. it seems my heart rate def goes up but my blood pressure doesn't really come down . also I start to feel very bearthless standing still. it's weird I almost feel more breathless
  7. yeah I have tried a couple locally but their wait time is rediculous ! the earliest at the moment I can get is August of this year. to summarise symptoms -constant fatigue -insomnia -ectopic beats daily -racing heart sporadically when standing (not all the time but definitely random) -I have had 3 incidents kown at work when in a long conversation with someone I get very dizzy and have to stop talking to a minute or 2 before things get back to normal -things are always worse after eating. ectopic beats and fatigue specially. all my tests keep showing normal !
  8. here is an extract from my stress echo. I went from sitting to standing where my heart shot up to 130. no one picked up on it ! it also mentions the frequent ectopics at rest. all the cardio doc saw was the conclusion of normal stress echo and attributes everything else to being anxious for the test ! when I pointed out the other numbers I got told I shouldn't read too much into the numbers
  9. pistol thanks the for reply ! the ectopic beats are very odd ! if I'm sitting still they are not too bad. as soon as I stand or go for a walk they start again ! also they go away of I'm running and take my heart rate right up but come back with avengence when I stop in a standing position. I almost have to cool down slowly to stop a storm of then coming in at once. it's very annoying ! they also cause me insomnia at night which is also very annoying and probably contributing to fatigue. In terms of medication I have tried antenolol beta blocker which worked for a couple of month at a low dose
  10. thanks for the feedback. I've had 4 stool samples done over the past few month plus multiple blood tests to look virusus etc... nothing ever showed up except a high inflammation CRP and slightly low iron which all normalized. it's very possible I had something that just hasn't been detected and has somehow resulted in these permanent issues I'm now dealing with. I don't know. I've seen 4 general practitioners , 1 gastroenterologist and 3 cardiologists including 1 Ep doc who specialises in arythimias.The last cardiologist I went to was the most proactive and said well maybe I had a virus that h
  11. Hi, As the title suggests, I'm in need of urgent help. For over a year now my life has been turned upside down and no one has any answers for me. in Aug last year I came back from holiday from Fiji with the family. Whilst the holiday was great and I felt great, within 3 days of returning my life turned to crap ! I start feeling very fatigued and tired initially. I could barely stay awake. I've had weird bowel habits also... whilst I'm normally constipated, I came back to going to the bathroom once or twice a day for over a few month non stop which is unusual for me. I had all the blood
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