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  1. A while back I may have wrote about my coat hanger pain. We things got worse and worse and my normally painless vestibular migraine turned into very painful migraines. So bad I was throwing up. I ended up seeing my old doctor because the ER notified them I was in. He had me come in and I told him that my head had been aching for a while and my arms were going numb. I thought I had a punched nerve or nerves in my neck because my arms kept going numb. On a whim he started me in Gabapentin. And holy crap what a difference it has made. My occipital neuralgia is gone. Vestibular migraine manageable. I have started sweating again and my hair has stopped falling out. My coat hanger pain is way better and I have not had near as much OI. My memory and attention are considerably better and I have not had derealization or my alice in the wonderland episodes but maybe 3 times in the last month. I can't explain why this drug has worked so well but it has. Edit: I did post about starting this medication a month ago.
  2. I had such a headache I ended up in the ER throwing up in extreme pain. I have an issue with my arms going numb periodically but lately it been all the time. Doc says I have bilateral cervical radiculopathy and the spasm in my neck and shoulders is quite severe. Im wondering if this could be the root cause of my issues. I will be having a nerve conduction study at my neurologists office soon. My doc put me on gabapentin for now and I only took it once last night and this morning my muscles were cool to the touch and not spasming. I guess I did not realize how bad this has gotten.
  3. I actually got it tonight pretty bad. It's just the weirdest thing. I first noticed it in 2008. I could go years without it happening then boom. I sorta wonder if it's a neck injury thing because shortly after it started I started getting bad neck pain and doc told me it was occipital neuralgia left side and pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my cervical spine on the left side.
  4. I just got my test results back from my gastric emptying study. All of my stomach troubles are actually caused by gastroparisis:(
  5. I get this from time to time over the years. It's just my left ear. Turns bright red and burns and gets very hot. Kinda thinking it might be related.
  6. I have this head wooshing. Especially when I bend over or turn my head to side in an extreme way.
  7. Adrenaline rushes is what I first called my episodes. I have had so many that they no longer cause me the complete panic attack they used to cause. If you find any help for this I would love to know about it.
  8. Yes. I used to have it in my legs especially at night. But then i got it in my torso. Goes right down the middle of me and feels like a low electrical current. It still comes and goes but for a while i thought it would just stay forever.
  9. Your attacks sound a lot like how I wake up just about every morning:( My stomach on fire. Hard heart beats. Usually when I wake up with it my BP is really low and it gradually goes up. I wonder if my BP goes really low and suddenly my body kicks in to bring it up and it goes into overdrive.
  10. Oh man this had been my life for months:( I hope it gets better but every time this happens it worse and lasts longer. Now that my husband is home all the time he is disgusted with how much I sit around. And that overstimulation sucks. Can't hardly even listen to music. And now that everyone is home all day I am on the go picking up after people now.
  11. One thing I have developed along with other sensitivities is a sensitivity to the smell of bleach. It will send me right into a full attack. Dizziness, shortness of breath, high heart rate and burning lungs. This a new thing in the last 6 months or so. I don't have asthma but it felt like what I imagine an asthma attack feels like.
  12. Thank you. I will check that out today.
  13. Sometimes this goes away on its own. But if I get sick and run a high fever it comes back. I got flu A and B at the same time in January right after having surgery. That's what triggered it this time. In 2008 I got the flu and developed pneumonia. That was my first big flare.
  14. Do you ever have low potassium whit this?
  15. Lately I am feeling this bad every morning. My PCP prescribed me compression hose but I was not able to fill the prescription due to the coronavirus:( I was on inderal last year but my BP kept getting too low on it. My BP has always run low on average. But sudden drops in my potassium cause very high BP. Makes for a wild ride. I have notice sleeping on an incline can help but it's hard to do comfortably. And Zyrtec has slso helped me a lityle bit gor some reason I don't understand. My goal is to find a doctor here in Michigan that has a good deal of experience treating this. I would also like to figure out the cause as well.
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