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  1. I think it was the pressure of doing better or catching up in life without really knowing what I want. I just feel the need to be like everybody else. I stopped with social media as they mostly make me feel jealous of people who seem to be having it easier in life. 

  2. I checked the link and downloaded the article. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

    Gardening is really good. Aside from it's very relaxing, you get to grow what you consume. People don't notice that most products we buy from the groceries can be grown in our backyards. It can save as tons really from plantation, logistics, food processing, transportation, and retail.

  3. On 10/6/2020 at 6:08 PM, Pistol said:

    @Ashc - if you mean holiday as in a vacation I know what mine would be, literally a dream vacation since I actually dreamed of it many times: at the beach, fancy resort, husband and daughter out horseback riding and i am sitting on the remote beachfront patio, sipping lemonade, a good book in hand, cat on my lap and dog by me feet .... soon the family will return and we will get ready for a fancy dinner in the restaurant, then plan what they will do the next day while I will be peacefully resting on the beachfront patio, sipping lemonade, a good book in hand, cat on my lap and dog by my feet ..... aaaahhhh!!!!!😊

    Oh my! Every mom's dream holiday! A day of peace and quiet where you don't have to worry about anything, literally anything would be heaven! Adulting snatched this from us, and it would be really really nice to have a week of holiday like this. Just relaxin' and chillin', no stress. aaaahhh!! 😆


  4. I am a bit paranoid especially the cases of infected people are increasing. And sometimes, overthinking brings a psychological effect in our body. Yet we should strictly follow the protocols of the government, keep a healthy body and always wash our hands properly. We can battle this.

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