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  1. @haugr CellTrend in Germany
  2. Did you try any other vasodilators like losartan?
  3. It does help me as well. I think my problem is actually too much vasoconstriction and caffeine leads to vasodilation in the periphery
  4. I am currently waiting for my Angiotensin II antibody Test. I have confirmed antibodies against a1 and m4 receptor
  5. Good to hear! Did you have rashes (belly, arms) before using Losartan?
  6. Hi Plaster89, i wanted to ask you if you have found a treatment for your pots. I have exactly the same symptoms (Mydriasis, cold hands and feet, high DHEA). I did the celltrend test and it came back positice for A1 and M4 antibodies. I‘m currently thinking this may be low-Flow pots. I would really apreciate your response! Philipp
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