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  1. I’m curious if I can get it prescribed to get one for outside so that I can enjoy the outdoors and exercise.
  2. I live in Southern California but have also traveled a fair bit. I have found that the Dry weather helps but the Heat can make symptoms worse. For me I am better off in a colder dry atmosphere than in a Moist Cold Climate or Hot either way. Once the temp hits 80 my hr stays elevated above 100 sitting or standing. I was in South Texas and it was cold and humid and I couldn’t warm up for the life of me. Then I found battery heated clothing and was able to help keep my body regulated better. I still haven’t found a cool clothing that helps, ice packs can have to much of an impact. Personally I am looking to relocate to the North West where it is cooler and “Dry”. Even in Southern California the Barometer effects my headaches, and that can be just a front moving over Colorado to do that. i hope that helps
  3. I’m new to the forum and have recently(after 6 years) been diagnosed with POTS/Dysautonomia. I use to be a Fire Captain and this change in lifestyle kinda sucks. While doing some research I have discovered that RECUMBENT BIKES seem to be one of the preferred exercises for POTSies since being upright can be devastating some days. I also have my dogs which are my family and want to take them out to get there exercise and me out of the house. Has anyone been able to get a Recumbent E-bike prescribed by their doctor? If so had did you do it?
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