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  1. The amount of stress before I even figured out what the heck was wrong with my body has greatly taken its toll on me. I can’t just erase those years of my life, but in a sense I’m gonna try to. I honestly have no idea why I got dysautonomia. All I know is I started getting major digestive problems in 2012 and then all of a sudden in 2015 I got the cardiac/orthostatic issues, but had no idea at the time what the heck was causing any of that. And back from when I started getting digestive issues really bad in high school, and I was a minor so my parents really controlled my healthcare,
  2. Ohhhh ok. I’ve never heard of that. I don’t think plan on reapplying right now (see my last post), but if I ever do, I’ll make sure to do that.
  3. I applied for the first time in 2016 at 20 years old. All I knew was my body had chaotic symptoms and I wasn’t able to go to school/work. I didn’t have a lawyer. Just the basic application process. Got denied quickly. I applied again with a lawyer this time starting in March 2018. I was not diagnosed with POTS until I was by chance in March of 2019. I ended up having a hearing in July of 2019 and was hammered by the judge with grandstanding and falsehoods. You would think a legal hearing would stick to the concrete medical evidence, not politics, but whatever. The “occupational witne
  4. He diagnosed me and started me on ivabradine which did not work. I would get very odd heart rhythms. Not palpitations. Something irregular. It got very bad the last couple days I was on it. Stopping it made the rhythms go away. He’s extremely busy. He recently ordered physical therapy for me and I’m starting metoprolol 25mg ER twice daily. Hopefully that helps. I don’t take any psychiatric medications right now. He had me stay on duloxetine, an SNRI, because he said that will help with the POTS. I don’t take that for any anxiety/depression/nerve pain. And that’s the only medication I take outs
  5. I’m 24. Family has been a massive roadblock in my dysautonomia journey. Had to leave high school at 17. My problems were treated as psychiatric with many failed and awful treatments. I had given up until a visit to the doctor’s for being sick when my PCP told me in January of 2019, “Your heart rate has been way too high after looking back at your chart. I’m referring you to a cardiologist”. I had no idea any of this was actually happening. I always knew my heart rate would be high whenever I got up and sometimes still when I sat, but I just ignored it like my parents had conditioned
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