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  1. My heart rate used to be 90-125 resting. Then had a few weeks of resting at below 30 After this I'm back to 90-110 resting with no change in medication/stress levels.
  2. Straight away. It will lift you out of bed. You'll know it's working.
  3. I suffer from cluster headaches and also migraines. Botox helped, however it took over a year to see results. Now the pain moves. I can get rid of a headache then suffer joint/bone pain. A feeling of like my bones are breaking when I walk, burning when I lay down. This can then shift to jaw and facial pain. I use psychotherapy methods and meditation along with pain medication. For 4 years now my pain barely drops below a 5/10 and mostly living with 8/10. Other issues are abdominal attacks, UTIs, angina attacks. Crushing pain and sudden chest pains. Weight loss 35kg very quickly. Anyone else ?
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