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  1. Hi all - I was wondering what mattress brand everyone has? Do you have an adjustable base and did it make a difference in quality of sleep? I hate the thought of spending thousands on a mattress and base if it doesn’t change the quality of my sleep by leaps and bounds
  2. Alice Jean


    I NEED to feel better
  3. Im still having severe POTS like symptoms since my cardiac ablation in 2018. HR and BP is all over the board. Standing, sitting, sleeping - it happens. Im sick of this
  4. Hi Super Tachy - I too have had horrible symptoms since my cardiac ablation (12/2018) i went from working full time for 36 years to a needing a wheelchair / cart to go grocery shopping. My life is over as I’m just existing now. I would love to chat with you. My email address is araspo79@gmail.com.
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