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  1. Yes i bought diabetes testing supplies last year and did blood glucose testing throughout the day, with empty stomach, after eating, etc. all normal levels. also i never got the roux-en-y, i got the duodenal switch, i dont have hypoglycemia.
  2. I do bloodwork every 3 months but generally, I wait one month after IV therapy to do bloodwork, so i don't think that would be the case. That way i can get a good baseline result.
  3. I don't believe so. I eat just fine and eat at least ten times a day (small tiny high protein portions of food). I do have chronic bowel movements and diarrhea but that's only because of those medications I am currently taking. When I am off the meds, i don't have any dirahea. I do have loose stools but that's normal for anyone with bariatric surgery. Food flys right through me.
  4. i regularly do IV therapy twice a month for vitamins and minerals (doesn't do anything for fatigue, just keeps me from going deficient) I do custom IVs and add amino acids (BCAAs, tri amino acids), B vitamins, calcium, high dosage vit C, glutathione, vit D push, Coq10 push. Get a little energy from the high dosage vit C but thats it. I only do it to keep my labs up.
  5. In 2017 I got weight loss surgery and months later I started a horrible fatigue, started fainting, muscle weakness, brain fog, feet/arm tingling. The chronic fatigue is everyday and lasts all day, I can barely function, work, or drive and do daily tasks. It took me over a year to figure out I had dysautonomia due to the rapid weight loss (orthostatic hypotension). No treatment is working. The problem is I have a lot of malabsorption. I think that’s why nothing is working. I have tried midodrine, mestinon, fludrocortisone, desmopressin, nortriptyline, Ritalin, droxidopa. Th
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