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  1. 😂 Are we talking about the same Dr? I didn't know she was recommended here .i mean if you have the money sure why not?? It simply means she's focused on helping a certain demographic unfortunately . It truly sucks that more dr's aren't aware of pots/ dysautonomia and we have little to work with. at this point we know more about the condition, than the "experts" don't want to sound mean ..but if every neurologist keeps writing me off with conversion disorder/ anxiety when I dont have any conversion disorder symptoms what should i do? Curse and scream ? Lol! That will solidify that. At this poin
  2. @Pistolwow she's actually on the physicians list here...she must be good at what she does.i guess i just dont understand her pricing 😭
  3. It was indeed a cardiologist. I had to fight like h*** to get the referral. We did do a TTT. The diagnosis of pots was called out almost instantly heart rate shot up 50+ bbm ! Which is outrageous 😂 not sure how I didn't passout considering i passout everywhere else. For treatment so far he just recomends a beta blocker ..but he hasn't found the right one i guess ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ besides this im not even sure what kind of treatment I'm supposed to be getting as my experience with drs isn't a good one.however i am thankful he believed me and performed the TTT by my request. Travel out of state
  4. Thank you! I took tour advice and went. I saw a doctor who doesn't know anything about pots 😂 im laughing now even though its upsetting that i was referred to someone who doesnt know about my condition. I asked him about pots he quickly said idk anything about pots you'll have to ask your cardiologist ðŸĪŠ Im considering going to dr's outside of kaiser...but apparently there aren't very many specialist that I'm aware of in colorado that dont want a $2,000 dollar deposit upfront. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ŪðŸĪŊ Who has that kind of money?? They took my blood pressure and hear
  5. Thank you for your response. That is my fear that everything will say normal. Of course if you aren't experiencing symptoms that sounds like a wonderful thing. But my symptoms are experienced daily,and are all over the place. I have no trust or confidence in this Dr,and that might be making things worse. I almost want to cancel my appointment 😭 i guess it's just my anxiety. Thanks again for the resources and response, i really appreciate it 🙂
  6. Hello, I haven't been here since my pots diagnosis last year been a hectic time. My cardiologist has ordered autonomic testing with a neurologist ..and lord knows i hate ,and don't trust neurologist at all. Currently I've had to reschedule the appointment numerous times due to no fault of my own. Appointments were scheduled months in advanced, but its oh we cant see you because you're taking this medication, or i dont see this appointment on the schedule even though i was sent reminders for it..and now that im scheduled i don't have confidence in this appointment or t
  7. Thank you so much pistol! Your posts are always so helpful and encouraging âĪïļ
  8. Hello , Today my tilt test took place ....and I was finally diagnosed with pots ! Almost immediately the Dr diagnosed me , because my heart rate skyrocketed. I'm very happy I finally have a diagnosis.. However I did not passout/faint .. Which is most likely a good thing. But I faint quite often so I was shocked it didn't take place during the rest, but I was having what I consider a " good day" that may be the reason I didn't faint . My question is does pots cause fainting on its own or is it most likely something else involved
  9. Several people have witnessed the seizures ...just not the neurologist .. when I first had a grand mal seizure .. the interns and Drs argued at my beside about rather it was a seizure or not. The interns were firm , and furious that it was a seizure and an EEG should be given and the Drs refused. After that I proceeded to have several episodes and because they are looking for epileptic patterns ,but believe I'm not having what they consider to be epileptic seizures they aren't too concerned about them . They happen several times a week, which is easy compared to when they first started .
  10. I have seizures...but I don't know if it's due to pots as I have no been diagnosed yet. I have always passed out or fainted rather since I was a young child...and then in my early 20' s I began to have seizures. It's been 5 years and I still have them .. But I'm wondering Do your seizures affect your speech and or your ability to walk properly??
  11. Wow!!! This is me !! I have not been diagnosed with pots yet ...but I have seizures , and no neurologist has even put in the effort to figure out why. When this happens I feel as if my brain is tightening, releasing and then boom seizure. But not a single doctor knows what I'm talking about ..or what it is I'm trying to describe. Sorry to hijack
  12. I've had this happen to me! If I stood up, I'd fall right back over .. luckily I was always near my bed when this happens. Also I can't walk in a straight line,with one foot in front of the other..I look like a baby learning to walk, no balance at all. I also tend to lean backwards , almost as if I'm being pushed. It's quite scary!
  13. Thank you so much for the response as well as the article recommendations! I will definitely take time and read them . More importantly thank you for reminding me to document my heart activity ! I totally just would have been wearing the heart monitor and simply hoping it would catch something.. I will definitely take this approach and document everything from here on out.
  14. Thank you for your reply, They say three days is the longest I can wear the monitor ...I don't know if this is true or not , but i just get the feeling nothing will happen in that time span. I believe the test will be read by cardiologist , as they are the ones who ordered it...but my concern is that none of them specialize in dysautonomia, LOL they probably don't even know what it is . Right now , I'm not symptomatic..and I actually feel great these past few days ...is it wrong of me to hope I start feeling symptomatic soon ? I'm dealing with Kaiser Permanente doctors
  15. I'm extremely happy to have found this site, I've been lurking for a few days ..and finally decided to join . I have not been diagnosed with dysautonomia , and with the Drs I have..I don't know if I will any time soon. I'm scheduled to wear a holter monitor ..I don't know if it will actually show anything .. lately I've been feeling super fatigued, and my heart has been racing. Of course when the Dr listens to my heart absolutely nothing is going on , normally I would be pissed.. but I expected them to say exactly that. Recently after I eat a meal
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