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  1. Thanks for the information Pistol you’re always so helpful on here.
  2. This is interesting. I have vasovagal syncope and diagnosed with GERD via endoscopy and I noticed a lot of my symptoms get worse particularly shortly after eating.
  3. Yes I have allergies and my symptoms have been haywire the past week now. Same with my GERD and GI issues. Very strange.
  4. Happens to me all the time. I feel it in my throat fluttering or skipping beats. Check my Apple Watch and heart rate when checking is like high 70s to early 90s which is considered “normal”
  5. I have but I honestly don’t know where to look to be honest. I’m not sure of many near me. My neurologist is the one who sent me for the TTT with the cardiologist.
  6. You know I didn’t even think of this. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. After my tilt table test I actually saw an electrophysiologist and he wasn’t too concerned about it. Last year I had a massive amount of tests done and wore a Holter monitor for a month. Even wore it while I was working out doing cardio anytime I felt anything odd I would hit a button when they went over the results with me they didn’t find anything wrong. It’s scary because randomly my heart starts beating fast I can feel it in my chest and my throat and I get tremors and dizziness but nobody has found out what the issue is besides the tilt table test that I had done. Cardiac wise cardiologist says my heart is good. Even had a CT calcium score done of my heart at the hospital back in August of 2019 and they said everything was good and my risk of heart attack was very low.
  8. Thanks for your information. I had a bunch of cardiac tests done less than a year ago and everything was normal. As for the tilt table test I had one done back in September of 2019 and that’s when the results said what I mentioned above and after going unconscious and coming back that’s when I was in afib so I’ve already had a tilt table study done and according to the results it says vasodepressive syncope. I’m currently looking into finding a specialist near me that specializes more in this area. Thanks again for the reply!
  9. I’m not sure if I even have an ANS issue or some form of dysautonomia but I get these bad flare ups of symptoms which are random. I could be sitting at my computer or watching TV and out of nowhere I start getting tachycardia and fast heart rate tremors dizziness headaches stomach issues etc. it’s completely random and I don’t know what triggers it as it seems to be random but I do notice sometimes the symptoms come on after eating sometimes but other times it could be I’m doing nothing and they come about. I had a tilt table test done a few months ago and after the doc gave me the nitroglycerin I went unconscious. Upon coming back to i then wound up going into atrial fibrillation which they had to give me meds to get me out of it. The doc said I didn’t have a fib as it was most likely due to me passing out due to a vasovagal issue? My 84 year old grandmother does have a fib though but according to the doc that did my test he wasn’t worried about it and claimed I didn’t have it. My concerns are that I am not sure if these random symptoms I’m getting are due to afib or due to dysautonomia. I do have the Apple Watch series 5 that can detect afib and every time I get those weird symptoms I do an ECG on my watch but it never picks up that I have afib it says sinus rhythm. Looking at my test results from the tilt table test it says the following: Vasodepressive syncope- positive tilt table study for vasodepressive type syncope. I also notice when these symptoms flare up one of my ears or sometimes both of them get bright red and warm to the touch and feel like they’re burning and on fire. I’m currently trying to find a doctor or specialist that can look into this more but I don’t know where to begin. Any thoughts from others with these issues would be a god send. Thank you!
  10. Crazy you mention that I had Popeyes tonight and my chest was hurting and heart rate was increased.
  11. Yes I have this. Literally have it right now while typing this to you.
  12. I would get a cardiac workup done first just to rule out any heart related issues, if that all comes back normal then I would look into doing a TTT.
  13. That does not mean you don't have it. When I had mine my blood pressure stayed the same as well as my heart rate it was then when they gave me nitroglycerin and tilted me up that I went unconscious and the doctor told me my heart rate spiked and then my blood pressure dropped and then my heart rate dropped. He diagnosed me as Vasovagal Syncope which according to him is a form of POTS. Also went into Atrial Fibrillation when I came back too, talk about scary stuff. I am a 35 y/o male.
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