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  1. Hello All I am thrilled to find this thread. especially as it seems to be current and active. i have the same symptoms. I have been tested negative for neuropathy but i do have occasional numbness in my feet. This was at its worst during the years i was taking tamoxifen. but since I have been off that, the numbness has greatly reduced. I get stinging like sunburn on my shins, and hate being touched because of the 'bruising' pain everywhere. I have also been tested (twice ) for myasthenia gravis. I spend sleepless nights googling for any clues to what is wrong. My DR offers me a low dosage anti depressant for pain which i have so far resisted. I don't want to be taking that for the next 20 years. Currently relying on magnesium and melatonin to help with sleep instead.
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