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  1. Long story short my 13 year old and i both have pots. He also has aspergers. Its a nightmare. Day in and day out its constantly something. Hes been taking hydroxyzine hcl for anxiety but it doesnt seem to be helping. Is there any other anxiety meds that have been helpful to any of you? He does take clonidine. Im afraid of news meds for him but we have to do something.
  2. I have been diagnosed with pots, mcas, asthma, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, and lots of other things. Im nervous anytime i have to try new meds... doc is calling in Imitrex for my headache/migraine. I currently take clonidine and hydroxyzine hcl fot pots. Has anyone here tried imitrex while on these meds? Did it help? Was the side effects worth it?
  3. Hey guys. New here. Quick question. Can someone please explain to me the difference between an adrenaline surge vs output? I mean as far as what happens to our bodies during and after them?
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