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  1. When you really occupy your mind and body, do you still suffer palpitations? I forced myself to engage in distractive activities as often as possible and it helped. I suffer far fewer episodes now, and I try not to focus on it,as it only makes it worse. I did not like the way the meds for this made me feel.
  2. Shop, could you post the "suspected" med? It might help some of us. Like "Squirrel" above, there are times when I might hit fingers or toes [ Not hard at all] as an example and the pain is a screamer. sometimes my nail beds just hurt by themselves for no reason. I've also been dx'd with gastroparesis and fibro, lipomas [more as I age ] adverse reactions to vaccines, heat and cold intolerance [both] and recently dx'd with pernio on my toes [ pain is really tough at night with the weight of sheets or blankets] I often wonder if it is meds from the past or vaccines I have had. Doctors listen, but I don't think they process the symptoms. I've seen a top ENT for POTS symptoms, but no help there. prayers for all,
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