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  1. No problem And yeah, the pandemic really messed everything up haha. Hold out till October, it'll be worth the wait. (little secret: There's a waitlist you can opt into to be seen earlier when there are cancellations. I was supposed to wait 4 months to see him, but ended up getting in within 4 weeks.) And yes, I've continued doing telemedicine with him. My case is unfortunately a little more complex than disorders like POTS - I'm in my early 20s with Orthostatic Hypotension that was rapidly brought on by some serious infections I had over a year ago - so we're slowly transitioning me to
  2. Hi Lisa. I got my autonomic testing done at The Heartbeat Clinic in McKinney with Dr. Suleman. He was amazingly thorough - I must have had like 20+ tests done there. It's unfortunate I had to move right after he just started treatment with me. But I would recommend him without hesitation. No referral required, but I don't believe he's seeing new patients at the moment (due to the pandemic) if I remember correctly. This might have changed though. He may come off a bit rude to some people, as he doesn't have the best bedside manners. But I don't think this is intentional. He's a brilliant guy an
  3. Hi all. I know there's a list on the site for many doctors in the area. However, I'd like to hear any personal experiences as these lists can still tend to be hit or miss. I recently moved up to NY from TX right after finishing all my autonomic testing. I'm hoping to find a great doctor up here. I'm upstate but am happy to travel to NYC of needed. Would be great to get some tips on who to go to here :) Thanks!
  4. I've just gotten compression stockings for the first time after being diagnosed a year ago. Haven't noticed much of a difference yet, but I know I need to stay consistent and give them time to work. However, I am curious, wouldn't compression stockings hamper the possibility of recovering from dysautonomia? Logically, I would think you'd need to force your body to naturally deal with and get used to orthostatic stress again on its own to heal. But compression stockings are an artificial aid that seems like a band aid for the problem. Wouldn't compression stockings prevent your body from m
  5. New to the forum, hello everyone! I was officially diagnosed with dysautonomia due to "low blood volume and inappropriate norepinephrine response" about a month ago by a wonderful cardiologist. Before seeing him, I was taking Florinef for about 5 months. It actually worked very well for me. I went from being unable to walk to eventually going out dancing at clubs 2 weeks ago, in those 5 months. However, my cardiologist recently switched me to midodrine, as he stated that Florinef can have negative effects on bone density and other areas over time (which I have looked up and confirmed). So I ag
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