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  1. Thank you all so much for your response! 🙂 I couldn't find the said study anymore--probably I was just wrong and it doesn't exist at all! @Pistol, thank you for the links! 😀 They were helpful nevertheless! The surgery went very well, by the way! My anaesthesiologist went a couple of additional miles in addition to the one he had already gone before I posted my question here--he was extremely well informed, and I felt as safe as can be! He explained to me in detail why I should not get a lumbar anaesthesia (which I initially thought might work around the assumed postoperative exacerbation of POTS-symptoms), and he gave me additional fluids before everything started--just like Pistol recommended (but I didn't need to tell him!). And when he finally gave me the anaesthesia, he and his nurse held one of my hands and comforted me! Isn't that sweet? When I woke up I felt really good! Also, my POTS-symptoms didn't get worse over the course of the week after the surgery! That took a lot off my mind! 😅
  2. Hi! I'm going to get a knee surgery next week, and I'm pretty nervous because of the anaesthesia. I remember that there was a study on the aftereffects of general anaesthesia in POTS patients, and according to that study one's POTS-symptoms could get worse afterwards. My anaesthesiologist hasn't heard of POTS before but has done tons (!) of research on the internet after I left. However, he said that he couldn't find the study I mentioned. He asked me if I could send it to him, but I can't find it either. I'm absolutely sure that it exists! Has anyone read it? Could you please, please send me a link? I'm SOOO glad that I have an anaesthesiologist on my side who not only listens and cares but is also eager to learn! I don't want to disappoint him!
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