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  1. STRESS. EMOTIONAL. Yes, i can trigger either with exertion, heat, or stress. Are you on a beta blocker?
  2. I had it just before Christmas. Keep an oxidizer with you. Headache and sob while climbing steps are the tip off
  3. I use a daily asthma steroid and a puffer. I also carry prednisone at all times. And a klonopin tablet for the panic and sob
  4. Sleep apnea is when you're stopping breathing. Usually obstructive. Before you wake up your heart rate dramatically increases and adrenaline floods. Sometimes you have nightmares. Consequently by awakening you can feel deathly ill, Also have you considered serotonin.
  5. I had covid. Main symptom was out of breath using stairs
  6. Wow. So sorry. How are you now? Klonopin has to be does correctly but it's a miracle drug
  7. Makes sense. But with an adr spike, you'd feel agitated
  8. Tbh sounds like a sleep apnea event. Don't sleep on your back
  9. There's something called Bakers that can cause leg pain. Ask dr
  10. Anybody else have these "vasovagal events"? Neck tightening.....sudden headache......extreme vertigo......high agitation....slight asthma.....exhausted? Then eyes that twitch a little. It takes me 3 days to recover, like a hangover. Possible triggers? Caffeine, alcohol, sudden exertion, STRESS, allergy, dehydration, leaky gut?
  11. Anyone else get so exhausted that it feels like theyre using all their energy to breathe normally?
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