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  1. I didn't return it. By the time I determined that the Hummingbird wasn't helpful, the 45 day return window had already ended. I also have very limited mobility and I thought I would try the Hummingbird again at some point down the road, so I have held onto it. But I am not aware of any complaints that the manufacturer, Vital Motion, doesn't honor its no-questions-asked return policy.
  2. I bought this in February and found that it didn’t help with my dysautonomia/POTS, though I also have a diagnosis of ME/CFS, cardiac preload failure and small fiber neuropathy (all confirmed by a workup and iCPET by David Systrom at Brigham & Women’s). Poor venous return is a major issue for me, at least according to Systrom, so I thought the Hummingbird might help but was wrong. I used it for about 3 weeks straight and I found it made leg muscle fatigue worse, not better. I am not aware of any doctor who specializes in POTS and autonomic dysfunction who is recommending the Hummingbi
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