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  1. I definately have Diabetes. But the Autonomic syptoms have had all my life and they are getting worse. i have gone on a No Sugar No Grain diet and that is helping my bloodsugar and I hope to be off of insulin by the end of the year.
  2. I have hypersensitive startle response and anxiety as well.
  3. Our system in the US is very complicated and the fault is not all the politicians although quite a bit. What happened is the Insurance companies lobbied for insurance to be deductable under if employers offered it as a benefit. This worked great. The insurers got paid by the employer to pool funds and they paid the mWe reedical bills. and the insured had a small percentage of the costs. In a nutshell, Doctors raised rates because their requirements were increased, patients used services without regard to cost because alot of time they didnt pay for the whole thing. Physicians began to pay more in malpractive so they began ordering more cover your *** tests that werent previously used. So really everyone is responable. I havent mentioned the hospitals and pharmacueticals as well. I can tell you that I prefer having commercia insurance that I used to have before I lost it as a result of Obamacare and had to get my care at the VA. The VA has nearly killed me on a couple of occasions and right now I get my care from someone 8 hours away who, despite multiple medical issues, is a Physicians Assistant instead of an internist. When I worked for Aetna US Healthcare in Physican Relations we had requirements for patient access and we incentivised physicians for quality healthcare. We reviewed patient charts to make sure that physicians provided immunizations and diabetics had their A1c checked etc.
  4. Yes, they did give me a glucometer and a pharmacist and home monitoring. But, they seem to be stuck on the Diabetes thing and its frustrating.
  5. Thank you for your replies. It helps, somehow, knowing that Im not alone. I have not been diagnosed with Dysautonomia but I have many symptoms. I am trying to get the VA to refer me to a specialist but I am not going to hold my breath. I take concerta/ritalin for twenty plus years. I was recently taken off of the concerta for a couple weeks because of spikes in my blood pressure. I determined the Concerta wasnt causing it or making it worse. But it was a miserable two weeks. My forgettfulness and other ADD symptoms are getting worse as well. Anyway, thanks for responding.
  6. How many people have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit D/O or some cognitive dysfunction? Did medicine help?
  7. I have severe symtoms when I get down on the ground and bend forward and have all of my life. I tachycardia, tunnel vision and severe coathanger pain in my neck shoulders. I havent been diagnosed yet as the VA doesnt seem to want to figure out what is wrong with me. They think Diabetes out of control is the cause even though I have had symptoms as long as I remember. I also get motion sickness very easily. So frustrating.
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