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  1. Despite insomnia being my primary complaint for years, no one ever suggested a sleep study for me. My sleep is so weird, last week I slept okay with no surges, and then yesterday I was fighting random anxiety all day and I was up all night except for maybe half an hour around 2 am. I am so full of catecholamines I feel really sick and like I want to run fifty miles but I'm so tired. Everything hurts and I spent a half hour crying into my husband's shoulder. My spine hurts and I'm shaky and super hot. This sucks, I don't know why I slept great one night and didn't sleep at all the next, but CBT was not helpful in calming my system at all so my doctor and her suggestions that I see a therapist can bite me.
  2. This is brilliant. I actually can't look at it for more than a second because it makes me feel sick. 😆
  3. Except this mostly happens when I'm lying down. Unless my heart rate slows enough to not pump blood efficiently when I'm relaxed. But I'd think that would be more of a consistent thing. ???
  4. For those of us with catecholamine surges, it has just been discovered that these surges originate in our bones, not our brains or adrenal glands. Perhaps if they can develop a drug to block osteocalcin we could get some permanent relief? https://gizmodo.com/your-bones-secrete-a-hormone-that-can-make-you-panic-s-1838053031
  5. Here's more evidence for you. I have been smelling something musty/smoky in my house for weeks and it's been driving me absolutely crazy. Today I finally found the source - a houseplant that I've had for a couple of years but it was pretty dormant until this summer. After sniffing it to be sure that's where the smell was coming from, I got really shaky and jittery. In addition, I spent yesterday at my mom's where I felt fine other than a little dizziness, but after I got home I got inexplicably anxious. I've moved the plant outside and I'm hoping now my nervous system will start calming down again. I think I might get an air purifier, too.
  6. Welcome! I joined this forum last week to post about about the same adrenaline surge issues. Wish I had definite answers for you, but you are not alone.
  7. I haven't seen her in two years so I doubt I could get a script from her. I have made some dietary changes that have been helping so far. If UW neurology ever flipping calls me I am hoping to get a scan done to make sure I don't have MS or a tumor causing my issues before I venture into medication.
  8. Yep, hyper POTS. I haven't tried an alpha blocker yet, that will be my first thing I ask about whenever I manage to find a decent doctor.
  9. Ugh, my kids use a VR thing, I want to puke just thinking about having that on my head. My husband is a big gamer and my son is going to college for programming and is taking a game development class, so I am familiar with all that stuff. I'm sorry you've had to give up something you love, that really sucks. I am facing that happening to me too, probably sooner rather than later. I'm a musician and my fingers and ability to focus are slipping. On occasion I'll be in the middle of playing and I will suddenly have no clue what I'm looking at, I blank on what the note is or how to play it, it's scary. I'm enjoying what I've got while I still have it. I hope you're not isolated, either. Getting out of the house is important for a person's sanity.
  10. LOL I thought I was the only one! I have never been a big fan of video games anyway but my husband and kids are, and I have a hard time even watching them play now. I get so stressed out. Ones like Beat Saber make me feel like passing out, I can't process fast enough anymore to even watch it.
  11. I avoid confrontation like the plague, I get shaky and sweaty and get adrenaline rushes. Then I spend hours obsessively thinking over what happened. I hate it. My brain is so oversensitive that anything can trigger fight or flight, but someone being angry with me has always been a huge trigger. Welcome to the board!
  12. Thank you for your replies. My weird head space is definitely a symptom and not a reaction to my symptoms, and it went away when I took the hydroxyzine. Maybe it has something to do with inflammation and intracranial pressure? Yesterday I salt loaded too much and got a major headache and felt so emotionally stressed I had to cry. Once I drank enough water to ease the headache the emotional symptoms went away, too.
  13. @POTSius That's good to know about the shaking and electric heating pad, I'll have to remember that. I had never had a reaction to Benadryl before, it sure is weird. I went into my son's room this morning to make the bed and do some of his laundry (he's away at college and we are getting ready to sell our house, so tidying up), and I don't know if it was dust or what, but I haven't been able to stop sneezing. I'm desperately hoping I won't go back to surging and stomach pain now, but if I do it'll confirm the allergy theory.
  14. Who else gets emotional and mental symptoms with a POTS flare? I get anxiety and a kind of desperate feeling like I'm trapped and there's no way out. When I'm dumping norepinephrine at night I get these weird, warped thoughts floating through my head that make me feel sick, like my brain is on a carnival ride that both spins around until you puke and has you looking into a funhouse mirror where everything is wavy and a little unfocused. These mental and emotional symptoms are, for me, the absolute worst and I can't stand them, they are unbearable. If I don't have them, everything else I go through is tolerable. Am I the only one who gets these symptoms?
  15. I've been wondering about allergies, too, since I got symptomatic right around the start of ragweed season. My nose has been running on and off like crazy and my doctor said my lymph nodes in my neck were slightly enlarged. My symptoms got less intense on hydroxyzine, which is an old school antihistamine, but when I tried taking Benadryl I started shaking and couldn't stop. So idk what to make of any of that. I haven't taken the hydroxyzine for three nights and I haven't had any nighttime surges for the first time in weeks. I have never had issues with allergies affecting my pots before. However, I did have an allergic reaction to my toothpaste after they switched to stannous fluoride. My whole mouth was swollen and I was exhausted for an unusually long time. Shortly after I started using a different toothpaste I started having nighttime surges, which got worse and worse over the course of the next three weeks. I can't say for sure my POTS got worse because of allergies, but the timing is suspicious.
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