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  1. Thanks for the responses. I've been diagnosed with POTS and have the sustained increase. I just wondered how I fit in with others here. Wondering if based on the timing of things you could further classify some sort of cause. If I increase instantly does that point to a different mechanism than someone who slowly increases over 5-10 minutes.
  2. Hi, Looking at the POTS diagnosis criteria and it mentions HR increase within the first 10 minutes. In my TTT I went from 60 -> 140 instantly and when I stand up I get the instant increase as well. The opposite is also true, when going from standing to sitting/lying my HR generally drops back immediately unless I've been exercising etc. Just wondering what others experience on the TTT/upon standing - do you have an instant rise or more gradual over that 10 minutes? Thanks.
  3. Yep, I get this too and the muscle twitches. I have used the boat reference to describe it in the past. Makes it interesting when reading and figuring out if it's my hand or head moving.
  4. Yes, I get this all the time, I have constant palpitations particularly lying down / after eating. No skipped beats, tachy etc. just feeling my heart beating. I normally feel it at a lower HR but when my HR rises, I don't feel it anymore - I hit 180 on the TTT and couldn't even feel it beating. I also go through periods where I feel off balance / like I've just been on a boat.
  5. Hi RubberduckzillA, did you ever get a diagnosis? I'm having very similar symptoms but I only get mild tremors, everything else you have said happens to me.
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