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  1. I just had a horrible episode two days ago while getting my hair colored at the salon. I was fine until about 10 minutes in. My stylist and I were talking and all of the sudden my body started feeling really heavy like something was on top of me and I could no longer speak. I knew what i wanted to say but I could make my mouth work. I was really lightheaded and nauseous. I had to leave to go to the bathroom twice. Needless to say, I then had a full on anxiety attack. I almost left mid highlight, that’s how bad it was. I though I was having a stroke. I rushed my stylist to finish and left immediately. I felt terrible the rest of the day and two days later am finally starting to feel myself again. This happens to a lesser degree every time I go to the salon. I sometime me carry a plastic bag with me in case I have to vomit. Why is this? I have some back and neck issues, like arthritis. I can’t believe that other people have these things happen too! I thought I was crazy!
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