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  1. Recent studies in 2018 by Julian Stewart in New York are finding that Hyperventilation causes POTS! Check out this study at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6064900/ Once POTS w Hyperventilation aspect is treated with CO2, all cardiac output (CO) goes back to normal and test results are same as healthy subjects. My son has had this miserable breathing problem for 15 years now, started at age 14. From what I'm learning, whenever he's standing or sitting still, he begins hyperventilating which causes too much Carbon Dioxide to build up in his lungs...therefore causing his POTS symptoms. If you look closely at the charts & learn about the acronyms used for each chart, you'll see that the POTS-Hyperventilation group's numbers go much higher than regular POTS group's numbers and also swing much lower on other charts. I read where once the effects of the tilt test were journaled, then the doctors administered CO2 gas and the POTS-Hypers' numbers suddenly returned to normal. Where can we find out how to be diagnosed with this and how to have portable, self-administered CO2 breathing treatments to give those with POTS-Hyperventilation some kind of hugely needed relief!!! A VERY CONCERNED MOM
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