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  1. @Eraena Me too. I added the cycle day to my daily logs and a 0-3 scale for energy to track. Might give you a better window for testing. My biggest hr increases are usually between days 7-16 when estrogen is highest.
  2. I haven’t been officially christened as hyperadrenergic yet, but I’m pretty dang sure. Just had a tremor episode with bp spiking to 175/103 (resting bp an hour before was 102/62). Anyway, was on florinef for about 2 months at .1mg twice a day, which I learned later is incredibly high to start at. I ended up with severe edema in my hands and abdomen, the most extreme palpitations I’ve felt yet, and my bp was staying up even after sitting (135/90 at cardio) which it normally didn’t do. Came down to .1mg once a day, and then off. I think most of the worsened cardiac symptoms were due to hyp
  3. @Eraena Also - how do I say this with out sounding creepy - are you female? I’ve noticed I’m way more symptomatic at certain points in my menstrual cycle, to the point where I can predict tremor episodes (more heat sensitive) etc. Might be helpful to chart, or find some other pattern. My EP didn’t bat an eye when I told him I wanted to do the holter and 24hr catecholamine he ordered during the week I ovulate.
  4. @StayAtHomeMom Thank you, that’s a great idea! I’ve already got plenty of data. My neuro also said he loves to give them too, so I can go back to him if the EP won’t budge. It’s ridiculous to me to be so eager to pass out just to prove everything. I’ve done 3 holters, EP wants a fourth and I want to scream. This forum (which I’ve been lurking around for a while) is seriously saving my sanity.
  5. I get the prickly/itchy, hot feeling in my legs when I have vasovagal episodes (also have POTS). My bp will be low, hr will start to elevate a bit while lying and be pounding, and if I stand I’ll faint after about 3 minutes. Caught my bp at 80/48 once before I had to lie down to stop it. Yep, hr through the roof and usually bp too, short of breath if walking and can barely breathe and wheezing if I’ve run. I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma as a kid and now I wonder if it’s just exercise intolerance related to all of this. Always worse in extreme temperatures. I wa
  6. I agree with the sitting after being active thought. The other day after going to doc, picking up prescription and trying to do a couple dishes, I sat down but kept my feet on the floor, my back straight and not supported (I always sit on my feet and sink into the couch), which kept my blood pressure up and I didn’t crash like I usually do. It might have just been a good day, but I’ll keep experimenting. Normally, if If I feel well enough to be active, I will crash as soon as I sit/lie down. I’m assuming because my heart rate and blood pressure drop when sitting just as fast as they spike
  7. Oops, just saw your reply. That’s the exact increase in bp and hr I get upon standing. An increase in blood pressure and heart rate when standing could be hyperPOTS.
  8. I have hyperPOTS, but I tend to get chest tightness/squeezing/pain when I have episodes of high blood pressure. I have low resting bp, but when I stand can have hypertensive spikes. I think the sudden increase is what gives me symptoms (most doctors say hypertension doesn’t cause symptoms, but that’s sustained). Heat is also a trigger for me, like taking a shower, causing more vasodilation and the most extreme blood pooling for me (very purple feet). In response, my bp/hr will spike. Try checking your pulse and bp when you have symptoms and compare to baseline readings.
  9. Still struggling to get a diagnosis of hyperPOTS at this point, but these are my favorites so far: - After 2 months of visits to the cardiologist following a severe syncopal episode landing me in the ER, he looks at me and says, “well, I don’t think you have POTS. I’ve seen people with heart rates from 40 to 150, sustained.” And then, “things like this often go away with age.” My heart rate DOES range from 50s to 150, stays elevated, and he obviously is ignorant of the criteria of 30bpm or >120bpm. Also, I’m 34 and it’s worsened with cardiac symptoms so yeaaa, not gonna go away du
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