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  1. Hi again, so sorry to keep on posting, this is all just very new to me so I end up having lots of questions! I'm having a very hard time at the moment, which sadly I'm sure you're all far too familiar with. Every day I seem to be getting worse, I feel weaker and weaker and have become so slow and tired. Its making me feel like I just want to give up, every day is so hard. Its coming up to exams at university so I have to try and get myself to my lectures but I'm so mentally drained also with the worst brain fog! After all the tests I've had done its seeming less likely that they are going to find the cause of my autonomic dysfunction. Sorry if it sounds like I'm just complaining, I just wanted to know how to cope with all of this? You all have already been so helpful and I'm really grateful for this forum; it has made this problem in my life far easier to deal with. ❤️
  2. Thank you for your response, I definitely need to improve my diet! I'm glad to hear it is treatable
  3. Thank you so much for your message, I feel much better I'll try not to worry, I'm so glad you have found something that works for you xxx
  4. Hi again! I have just seen a neurologist yesterday who suspects that I have a case of autonomic neuropathy. I am waiting to undergo some tests to confirm this. This has scared me a bit because I have heard that this condition isn't very treatable, especially if the underlying cause isn't found... I was wondering if anyone could reassure me; do you know of any effective treatment for autonomic neuropathy, or will I just have to grin and bear this for the rest of my life? Its having a really negative effect on my life already, and I'm just starting uni 😕 Any response would be really appreciated! Many thanks xxxx
  5. No, but my doctor suspects it, just awaiting some tests now xx
  6. Can't afford a blood pressure cuff at the moment sadly 😕
  7. Hoping it wont get too hot where you are!
  8. Sorry to hear you had such a disconcerting experience with the palpitations and such! Thank you for your comment, its nice to know I'm not alone
  9. Thank you so much for this, I feel much better! Hope you are coping well
  10. Im sorry to hear it is affecting you so much 😕 hoping you find a more permanent solution soon xx
  11. I love the sound of cooling towels! Thank you for your help xx
  12. Thanks for the advice, you have been very helpful xx
  13. Hi again! Sorry to ask another question, its just I only get to see my doctor once every month and I keep on getting so many symptoms due to my POTs! I have found that at around 7pm every day I get incredibly tired and lethargic, and struggle to concentrate. I notice that when this happens my pulse is quite weak, when usually it is quite strong. My blood pressure varies often I was wondering if this is normal? I worry about how my pulse strength varies so much, so if anyone else suffers with this too please let me know! It would be hugely reassuring. Many thanks, I hope you are all well xxxx
  14. I suspect I have hyper-POTs also, its awful isn't it! Seems I have many of the same symptoms as you 😕 I hope you find a good way to cope with this, good luck!
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