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  1. I cycle through this problem quite a bit I seem to get a flare up whenever my body goes through stress I had a tooth abscessed about a 7mo ago and then antibiotics and the breathing thing came back with a vengeance. For some reason it seems to be related to my gut so I started taking zinc carnosine and it seems to help when nothing else would. I think if I eat perfectly no Dairy gluten refined sugar that kind of thing it may prevent the flare up to begin with but once it starts zinc carnosine seems to be helping me quite a bit. I didn't make the connection that might My stoma
  2. I'm not surprised that are similarities with other people on this board, the breathing thing is even worse the new orthostatic hypotension that I have. But I'm getting better I've been doing a lot of reading about the possible autoimmune causes, and it looks like orthostatic hypotension and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome can often be from autoimmune. And the gut is responsible for all of it most of the time I was eating a lot of refined Foods refined sugar crap like that for a long time but I gave it all up . I even gave up Dairy and gluten giving those
  3. After The Infection and antibiotic treatment Is that about when it started? I think the gut is responsible for a lot of these problems that we have and things like antibiotics can probably throw a wrench into it as well the biome gets thrown off that leads to all kinds of problems to I guess but I'm not a doctor. I think you will get better.
  4. Sometimes it's triggered from eating it just feels like some thing irritating me when I breathe I'm aware of my breath; when I have a flare up and it's bad and I'm trying to sleep it's very very very very bad I'll have to at times make myself breathe consciously. It's very hard to sleep because right when you're about to go to sleep you stop breathing it's very hard to explain. Zinc carnosine has changed my life, my orthostatic intolerance as improved starting to go for walks and run in fact about to go for a jog in a few minutes, I believe my
  5. there's lots of things people can do and take that in theory May improve nitric oxide and have lowering blood pressure affect, but still vastly improves people's orthostatic symptoms related to low blood pressure are autonomic dysfunction, it just seems counterintuitive but I suspect it'll help. It's helping me and I've been doing it for 3 months anyway good luck God bless
  6. I read that it might in some people lower blood pressure, but I also read it improves the function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic system, I measure my blood pressure daily because I have a drop in blood pressure when I stand and since I've been taking zinc carnosine it's improved a lot so much so that I don't want to jinx it by talking about how much it's improved but it has. Now it could just be because there's less inflammation on my gut so less overall blood pooling and so that could be why I'm seeing orthostatic improvements. I think it's important though to
  7. I've had pots for about eight years now, my worst symptom is the breathing problem that I get sometimes. I'm not going to go into explaining what it's like but it's a living h*** , I wasn't sure if it was a histamine Mast Cell thing that people keep talking about are some kind of a reflex issue I tried everything to make it better incredibly strict diet helps, but what's been a miracle for the last 3 months has been something called zinc carnosine. Apparently the breathing issue I was having most likely was related too inflammatory thing mucous lining thing in the gut pos
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