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  1. Haven't tried -- I thought the issue might be more the reverberation of the sound waves throwing off the rhythm of my heart instead of it being a sensory processing issue. I might try ear plugs, though I have low level anxiety about doing things that might be triggers
  2. Not at my own home, but a friend of mine has a pretty sweet home theater system and that can set me off, though not as strongly as a 'real' theater. (He was actually very proud of this, I think it's his goal to have a theater grade system in his basement XD)
  3. Hey guys, I'm new here and just got an official dysautonomia diagnosis in June of 2018 after 2 years of symptoms. Based on my reading and other peoples' experience, I think my worst "attacks" (nausea, rapid heart rate, light headedness, shivering) are caused by adrenaline surges. I am a HUGE movie fan. I've noticed, though, that I almost always have an attack when I try to see a movie in theaters. Usually it's within the first few minutes, but sometimes I'll have multiple attacks. Does anyone have an issue like this? Or heard of it? I saw something last fall that included dysautonomia in a list of sensory processing issues but that's the first I've heard of it. I thought it was maybe that the vibration from the sound system was messing with my heart rhythm, but now I'm wondering if it's adrenaline? If anyone has any insight or experience I'd appreciate it. Did anything help? I haven't been to a theater since The Last Jedi in December 2017
  4. Thermoregulation (your body's internal temperature control) is an autonomic system and can fritz out with dysautonomia. I have a hard time with temperature, but typically only warmer temps. My buddy just can't cool down. I started having an "attack" once in a restaurant because it was a little warm. My body felt like the temperature was fine but I started to have heat stroke symptoms. I rushed outside where it was cooler and was instantly fine. I have to be very aware of temperature. My dysautonomia specialist said it was common -- especially in those with nerve damage like myself.
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