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  1. Not sure about the Jackson, MS area but there is a clinic in Birmingham, AL. It's about 250 miles from where you will be moving to.
  2. Thanks much to all of you who have replied! I am sorry you have to put up with this discomfort as my friend, does. He said he doesn't feel quite so alone now. This is a symptom that I have really not experienced, thankfully! I have a very low tolerance for heat and cold temps; my comfort zone is between high of 75 to low of 50...anything warmer or colder isn't good for me. He is 88 and this is really hard on him. He had a total knee replacement surgery November of 2018 and things really started to escalate since then. They had to give him 3 different types of anesthesia and I think this may be the culprit for a bad flare up! Another thing I have noticed with him is when he is even just a bit constipated his neck hurts bad and after a B.M. he doesn't feel well; very run down and tired. If he strains the least bit he gets light headed. I wonder if his Vagus Nerve is also involved! He is seeing an Neurologist and we are waiting on results of some quite extensive blood tests and a 24 hour urine collection. The Neurologist is also looking for a possible autoimmune disease. I will check his latest CBC results to see if his thyroid is functioning ok!
  3. I have MVP/Dysautonomia and a dear friend seems to possibly have Dysautonomia. We are seeking help and it's taking a long time to get to the right place. We are waiting for his physician to get him a referral to the MVP clinic in Birmingham. Right now his main and most debilitating symptom is his body just doesn't seem to be able to regulate his temperature. He will feel hot to burning up (his face turns from pink to beet red) and then a few seconds later he is chilled to the bone and freezing. This can go on all day switching from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. I have never had this symptom and thought maybe it would give him peace of mind knowing someone else has this or has dealt with it. Also, any ideas on how to stop this from happening? Yesterday, he was hot on his arms from wrist to elbows, his groin and his head. A few seconds later it would go to a normal feeling and then his chest would be freezing and so on and so forth. It is really getting to him; it interferes with his ability to get a good nights sleep. He lays with a cold cloth on his head and cool packs by his legs. He wakes up in the morning feeling like he is on fire. Then, he gets out of bed and is immediately freezing. His actual body temperature is normally in the low 97's. He has anxiety and this body temperature dysregulation is only adding to it. Thanks much for you input!
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