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  1. I'm sorry your brain fog is so bad, OP! Diet is the key to managing my own symptoms with this. I lay off processed foods, simple carbohydrates and especially sugar. During times when it gets really bad, I go on a ketogenic (<50g net carbs a day) diet. I have MCAS so this might have something to do with why it works for me, I'm not sure. But if you don't want to resort to such drastic measures, just reducing carbs and eating plenty of high quality protein and vegetables seems to help me and might be worth trying.
  2. That's offensive to women and it's not funny. There are no conclusive differences between male and female brains. Every single human being on the planet makes decisions and behaves based on their emotions and I know this because I've read the literature. I've also found anecdotally that people who claim to be logical are so unaware of their own emotions that they act on them without realizing it, making them even more highly volatile to be around. I don't want to berate you and I hope you don't take this personally, but I am a female and I visit these forums for support with my diagnosis and I do not want to see this kind of attitude towards women. It's hurtful and untrue and is primarily the reason why it took me 25 years to be diagnosed.
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