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  1. I saw some Facebook reviews but most of them are for fibromyalgia, but not POTS. It's very expensive. I need more inputs before making a decision.
  2. I heard that Dr. Chia is a CFS doctor in LA.
  3. I recently noticed a FDA approved "Hummingbird Device" that is currently used for fibromyalgia. When I read this description, I was surprised to find that the way it worked was to increase blood flow from legs to the upper part of the body. This sounds like exactly what a POTS patient needs. "How Does the Hummingbird Work? Many fibromyalgia sufferers have underactive or inactive soleus muscles, causing fluid to pool in the legs. When the heart, upper body and brain don’t get adequate blood circulation, the results can be widespread pain, lack of energy, poor sleep, and “fibro fog." In a nutshell, The Hummingbird applies precise micro-mechanical stimulation to the nerve-endings in the plantar surface of the foot. This stimulation activates the soleus muscles in the calves which, in turn, improves blood flow throughout the body." Has any one tried it for POTS/CFS? What are your thoughts on it?
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