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  1. @Knellie I had a very similar experience from fluid/salt loading. When I initially started fluid/salt loading, the head pressure was not so bad. However, when I increased both fluid and salt even more because I wasn’t noticing any improvements, my head pressure got much worse. When I stopped the fluid/salt loading last year, my head pressure did get a lot better. Unfortunately, even though it has gotten better, the head pressure has still stuck around. It’s like now my head is very sensitive to a number of things. I can’t wear hats anymore without getting terrible head pressure, and even my s
  2. So back when I went to Mayo in 2019 I was diagnosed as hypovolemic based on a 24 hour urine volume. I also had elevated norepinephrine so I got the hyperPOTS label as well. As is custom, I was told to up my water/salt intake and exercise to increase my blood volume levels. However, when I water/salt loaded for about a year I actually experienced worse palpitations and gained a debilitating head pressure as newfound symptom. I wasn't monitoring my blood pressure at the time, but I imagine these symptoms were do to the increased salt elevating my bp which already runs a little high. What I
  3. I have not. I seem to be overly vasoconstricted already, though, as stimulants makes me much worse, and things that vasodilate like alcohol actually make me feel better.
  4. @Sarah Tee Wow that's crazy that it's that much of a difference for you! I definitely feel better at night, but the brain fog is still pretty debilitating. My onset was gradual as well. I initially discovered I had POTS in high school because while I was playing sports I started to get exhausted really easily. The brain fog, fatigue, and head pressure didn't get real bad till about 5 years after I had my initial diagnosis.
  5. @Sarah Tee Yes, my brain frog and head pressure gets better later in the day too! I’ve always wondered why this is. Does anybody have any ideas? @Delta Walking helps me think a little bit clearer as well. I’ve always thought this was weird because every person with POTS I have read about gets worse when they stand/move around. Nice to know I’m not the only one.
  6. Hi, so I have been on the forum for a couple years now, but this is my first time posting. I am a very atypical POTSie in that I have very few problems with being upright--hardly ever have lightheadedness, nausea, palpitations, etc. However, what I do experience is an absolutely debilitating brain fog which affects me throughout the whole day, no matter if I’m sitting, standing, or whatever I’m doing. It has affected me so much that recently I had to stop taking classes all together after decreasing my credit load my last couple of semesters. My other most prevalent symptom is a terrible head
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