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  1. How do you know if you have Hyper pots ? whats a adrenaline rush feel like ? typically how high is your HR? ect
  2. my chloride level is upper range almost out of it but chloride is in my driking water and gatorade ! i just dont know what to do i dont want too much of it . i wanted to try electrolyte capsules but they have a lot of chloride in them ! I see my doc next month . do you guys have higher chloride from the salt we consume ? do you keep having a lot anyways im new to all of this .
  3. Does anyone else get these scary feelings in your head it feels like blood isnt going to it or something i even get it laying down which doesnt make sense.
  4. so im not feeling good my bp is perfect laying down and pulse is fine but i feel very bad i was sitting up for a long time . do you think its a blood volume problem? how does my dr test for that? my oxygen is also never below 90 so i get plenty oxygen.
  5. is there a way to test for hypoxia to see if thats whats going on? Also i have a pulsox its alwasy fine i dont have low oxygen according to that i think its more of a blood loss from the brain ,
  6. i just had a weird episode i dont know if it was a panic attack or a seizure or what we checked bp and it was perfect i thought i was gonna collapse trying to walk into the house i figured it was low . ok ill start at the beginning. i was going to go into walmart but my chest was feeling tight and i was anxious and i felt panic so i didnt make it in there i had my mom take me home and it didnt fo away i still had waves of panic and feeling like i was dying my head felt like it wasnt getting blood.or oxygen i got home and my body felt heavy i needed help getting in my room and my limbs was feeling tingly and my nose and even in my chest im doing better now but that was scary situation didnt feel llike my usual episodes.
  7. Someone please help me I can't find any doctors in Colorado that knows about pots . the only ones I I found so far don't take my insurance or any insurance and it's a $2,000 Co pay . I have checked the doctors on this site and they all don't take my insurance. things get so bad on my period (which I am due to start soon )I feel really depressed. I just really need something to work out I can't diagnose myself or get myself medication so if you have a doctor in Colorado that treats your pots please tell me!
  8. Does anyone have episodes like this. If I have been standing and walking around a lot or sitting up for a long time I get what I call panic attacks. I always cry (which is weird) I'm scared my mind is blank and I'm confused. This will go on for 30 minutes to an hour sometimes having something to eat helps it go away faster. my blood sugar is not low when this happens.
  9. should i ask for a electrolyte test i just worry maybe about nothing but thats my personality lol
  10. hey guys, so i have been drinking a fair amount of water id say 2 liters a day sometimes a little more or less. and ill have darker urine in the mornig but then after just a bit of water like 2 glasses its light yellow and has been sometimes clear .im worried about drinking too much as it seems im not dehydrated at all i dont know what to do . I know drinking too mcuh depletes me of salt but i have hig bp so i cant load up on that either.
  11. I cant find any one who treats POTS or even knows anything about it in colorado .I have looked at the ones listed on this site and they dont take my insurance can anyone help me please !
  12. So I went to see the doctor yesterday and he said by definition I could not have pots because my blood pressure went up. they had me do a poor man's tilt test in the office and I haven't eaten at all that day so standing naturally was hard on me.I start feeling sick and getting anxious so I couldn't even ask him all my questions.. I just feel like I'm getting nowhere with cardiologists.I have an appointment next week with my neurologist that I like I heard that they also deal with this because it's more of a brain issue then a heart one. I hope they can help I hope someone will listen to me I can't even get a diagnosis but I know something is very wrong. I did have a brain MRI that came out clear so it's not a tumor or anything but it is something.
  13. if anyone has had this problem what treatments have helped you?
  14. I need a autonomic specialist for colorado anyone that lives here recommend someone.
  15. I dont know if its presyncope my vision is fine no gratness or tunnel vision just dp kicks in making things bright and loud and like im looking through a camera . usually after a while im fine also helps to eat something as my sugar changing causes this also . i am seeing a cardiologist today that says they deal with it ill ask about a autonomic speicialist but im not sure if one is around my city.
  16. @Hutch you got depersonalization from b12 injections ? i thought that helped people feel better i got mine from ptsd but pots makes it worse .
  17. I cant take this anymore not only do i have POTS problems but my depersonalization seems to get worse when I walk around too much .I was just walking from the car to the house . Then the depersonalization hits hard everything looks weird, sounds are different and my mind feels blank im confused and that starts a panic attack .Every time i get scared and i had it so many times before but its like my logical brain is not working and it feels like the first time. Does anyone with dpdr relate?
  18. no i am feeling this myself but my mom does think im being dramatic about my symptoms. she helps cleans my room and she helps me bathe but when I overexert myself i get panic attacks and feel bad . i try to get up and walk around but if i Have to stand still i get sick and anxious somethings gonna happen. I dont like relying on others so much but i dont want to feel those feelings. She does not undertstand what i go through, she can do everything without a second thought.i have to mentally prepare myself to shower and leave the house .
  19. How much water should I drink? I have a lot of salty snacks and I get really thirsty. is 4 liters too much I usually dont drink that much but is it ok if sometimes I do ? i am 215 pounds 5ft 7 btw
  20. I know its not my fault I have this disorder ,but I feel a lot of guilt.I feel like I am a burden on my family. I know they love me but I just need a lot of help and emotional support. I feel bad because some people with pots are thriving,going to stores ,restaurants,jobs and I am 23 and house bound still living with my parents .I also have a lot of mental problems too (GAD,PTSD,depression)
  21. I know not moving is bad for pots and i am practically bed bound,should i at least every few hrs get up and walk around my house nothign strenuous just to get my heart used to it so it doesnt get worse. right now i can not excercise unless its very light leg lifts in my bed.Sorry to post here so often i just have a lot of questions and i dont see a doctor for a while .
  22. Hello does anyone else get itchy/a weird pins and needles feeling after being up for a while and walking around? I just went from my car to my house and when I sat down i got a pins and needle feeling and itchiness on various parts of my body.my heart didnt feel liike it was beating to hard but i was feeling out of it as well.
  23. oh ok . thank you for your response i hope something helps me . i guess i gotta do a catecholamine test to see
  24. I always thought saline would not help this type because its a high norepinepherine issue.How does saline help you? what does it do for this subtype .
  25. do you have a lot of anxiety and depersonalization i have a lot of anxiety and depersonalization after a bad panic attack last year symptoms escalated from there to now and its much worse .
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