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  1. I have sleep apnea and my cpap machine is picking up apnea’s over 4 mins Everything is coming apart in my brain - emotional control memory everything i woke to my apnea machine beeping once with severe numbness and felt the circulation slowly come back I need a bipap right now I think i feel my brain failing me my body is coming apart how do I get somone to see this and pay attention the cognitive and memory decline over the last couple of days is insane
  2. I’ve been dealing with potsy symptoms for 10 years, and got a diagnosis about 2-3 months ago after severe episodes and many ER visits that even after being diagnosed and being unable to get out of a bed I was kicked out and ended up in another hospital where I left after being traumatized even more and stamped with a somatic disorder. (After I’d already had a pots diagnosis) I saw small micro improvements with some meds here and there but recently other worse symptoms have caused a spiral of depression and hopelessness. I’ve got pain I can’t do much with, almost no supp
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