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  1. I was concerned about this last year since I'm already barely functioning and asked my doctors a lot about it. They said my inflammation could go up (a problem for me in particular) and there could be some uncomfortable symptoms for a little while, but if I got the flu inflammation and all the symptoms would be so many times worse that it's absolutely not worth the risk of skipping the shot. And after some research to double check what they said, I absolutely agree. I'm just getting old enough to start thinking through some of these decisions for myself and getting the flu shot each year is a
  2. Thanks for this discussion and info! Even if there isn't a clear answer, it helps a lot to know about the experiences of others and the advice they have. I feel much more confident in my decision to give hair dye a try, especially know that I know some safety tests to do first. It's hard enough to maintain control over my life with the symptoms I already have, let alone all the unknowns and possibilities for more.
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