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  1. I've been on antibiotics for a few days now from some type of bacterial infection. I can barely stay awake. I used to be able to work with the flu with outside conditions.
  2. Lisinopril caused me to have low potassium. Now that I'm not on that anymore, my potassium has remained in the normal range. Just my knowledge I can share with ya. It might not be that way for everyone though.
  3. So this explains why my heart rate has been really high even while laying down. I have white patches on the back of my throat(bacteria) and have had fever for the past few days.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Good to know I'm not wasting time and money. The medical bills keep pilling up!
  5. I'm seeing a neurologist separate of my autonomic dysfunction specialist. The only reason is because I just want to find out everything possible. I told him my background that I have autonomic dysfunction and gave him my Dr records from my specialist. He did a couple tests I've already done before. Today I did an EMG. The guy put some gadget to both arms and my right leg and gave them shocks I guess. Then the Dr came in and put needles in my arms and then my right leg in various places. Is this test even beneficial for us? I'm just wondering what it can find out. O
  6. I haven't taken one since lol. My pain has gone away 90 percent. It's been a week I guess. I read muscle spasms are a part of this disease. Quick Google search so not so sure how valid those findings are. I'm scared of my blood pressure dropping too low because I still want to take my carvedilol. Although that doesn't seem to be helping. Sometimes it brings my blood pressure down but I still suffer with bad anxiety, sweaty palms, high heart rate upon standing etc. Ive got to figure out a way to exercise. Gaining too much weight over here. Ah so annoyed with this. Couldn't even po
  7. I don't think I have those idk. No autoimmune diseases have been discovered as of yet. Still pretty new in this journey of figuring out what's wrong with me.
  8. The muscle relaxer helped. It is Flexeril. But.....I took it and I did not want to wake up. I could have slept 2 days. I got up because someone rang the doorbell. I ate and went and checked my blood pressure. It was 148/55. This is without me even taking my beta blocker yet. I took my pressure again and got similar results. I got nervous about the bottom number being so low and took midodrine. It got it back Into normal range and my top number dropped to about 140/high 130s. Don't understand why there's such a huge gap. I'm scared to take the Flexeril again. It helped but I don't
  9. It started maybe 3 days ago. My chest was hurting. Today I woke up and it's the worst it's been. It hurts to breathe and move certain ways. The pain goes from the center of my chest up to the whole area around my collar bone and then even to my shoulder blades. It feels like stress. But 3 days in a row constantly and getting worse? And at the same time my right calf muscle was sore as if I had a cramp and was recovering so I got a little nervous. I went to the ER to make sure I wasn't having any blood clots. That checked out fine. There was no fluid in my lungs or anything. X ray and bloo
  10. I get headaches nearly 7 days a week now. The pain is behind my eyes and on my forehead. Aspirin usually takes most of the pain away 90 percent of the time.
  11. You can download an app called " blue light filter" that changes the light on your phone at night and supposedly helps with this. You can turn it on and off as you please. I don't know if the science is legit or not. Never really researched into it. I think some phones have that mode built in. But I don't pay $1000 for a smartphone like so many people somehow do. I'm definitely addicted to my phone. My problem is I can't sit still. I have to be playing a game or on the internet or something. It seems to help me but maybe it's not. I don't know.
  12. Hopefully somebody has some info on this. My pharmacy didn't have the meds in stock so I haven't even tried it yet.
  13. So in addition to taking carvedilol, my autonomic specialist prescribed me Bethanechol 10mg 3 times a day. She explained the purpose but I forgot everything she said lol. My wife probably remembers but I want to get y'all's experiences with it and what the purpose is. I took a test which showed my adrenaline levels are still high. They attach 3 electrodes to your body and tell you to hold your breath for so long etc. And somehow it determines adrenaline levels. The first time I did the test I scored an 11. A normal person is a 1. This time I scored a 4. Which according to the resu
  14. I think I've had it all my life in my opinion. My dad takes meds to slow his heart down. His hands have shaken all of his life. So have mine. People always would point it out to me. I've always had anxiety since I can remember. I started having heart palpitations in my early 20s. I started being extremely fatigued as well. I just wanted to sleep after work because I was so tired. I guess I just ignored it and kept moving. I got married in 2016. Which obviously I had less time to even sleep. I was so tired all the time and my wife would complain in rage because I never wanted t
  15. Yes yes. How did your illness start? Did it come on suddenly or gradually over time you had issues popping up?
  16. I've had a reading at the doc's office 180/120. It's not usually that high but it always goes up when I do anything at all. If I do a chore 10 mins or longer, it's not unusual to see 150s over 100 plus. My lower number is always in good range when I'm laying down. My upper number is still high for some reason. A little lower laying down than being upright but still high. Then again sometimes both numbers go too low laying down. Because of meds. Sometimes I'll have to take midodrine to boost my pressure. It's a hassle checking bp all day. I went to the doctors today. I am so freaking
  17. I'm frustrated and depressed daily on top of being tortured. You aren't alone. I'm only 31. My wife and I can't even go on a honeymoon anymore. Unless something changes. I feel like utter trash today just from going to the Dr. Extra utter trash. But yeah, you aren't alone.
  18. So that's why my diastolic number is always good when I'm laying down but when I stand up it's high. Man this disease is terrible.
  19. Yeah it's awesome and really helps me. I wore sunglasses in the lobby(attorney's office) on Monday with the fan blowing on me. Probably looked crazy but the combination really helped me. Especially the fan though. When they called me back I just turned the fan off and folded it up and put it in my pocket.
  20. Yeah. I tried to support my wife by going to one of her appointments. When I was sitting in the room like that. I had a major episode. Thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I layed back in my chair the best I could. Eventually I felt better. Or enough not to have to go to the hospital.
  21. I have really bad heat intolerance. Sitting in a lobby at the doctor is already tough. And then it's noisy and crowded and usually hot. When I get hot, my body wants to act crazy and go into faint/adrenaline mode. So I bought this fan off of Amazon. It is a dual head fan that folds up and is compact and fits in your pocket. It puts out a great amount of air even on the low setting. It has low and high. I did a test and it lasted 2 hours on high speed. It was still going but I couldn't stay up any longer and see how long it would really last. Just thought I would share. It's helped
  22. Sat for 20 mins at an attorney's office today to get her attached to my case. Plus the car ride. Feel like I've worked a 16 hour shift. Had to take a nap like an 80 year old man.
  23. They made sure to collect the bill when I blacked out waiting on the ambulance at Olive garden on my first experience with fainting. I had a gift card in my pocket too. Never got to use it. 🤦‍♂️
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