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  1. The endo doc just messaged me on the app saying. "Are you taking the coreg? That could lower the renin as well. Otherwise low renin and aldosterone can be a sign of very rare issues such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Cushings disease, many others. We can test for these though your symptoms don't fit well Question - have you ever taken fludrocortisone in the past ?" I responded with yes i take coreg twice a day and have never taken fludrocortisone. so...yeah.
  2. After getting blood work done twice from the endo doc, the results say i have low renin and low aldosterone. FYI i have been diagnosed with hyper pots. What could this mean? I dont know when ill hear from the doctor. I just got a notification from the doctor with brief commentary that doesnt explain too much on his app. He said it could be from midodrine but i seldom take it because my blood pressure is already too high. I take it occasionally when my BP dips too low. Its probably been a couple of months since ive taken any. I responded back and told him that. Thoughts?
  3. Ive gotten sick from smelling certain foods cooking. Its very seldom but i noticed it. I dont know what my vitals were but id get really sick. I dont know how to explain what that "sick" feels like. Hasnt happened in awhile.
  4. Drank a 7.5 oz coke and was sick all day and night and overloaded with anxiety. I used to down 200mgs of caffeine and get everything done. Now 23mg puts a hurt on me.
  5. I wonder why caffeine helps yall but is like poison to me. Definitely doesnt help me sleep.
  6. Ive had anxiety my whole life but never got treatment. After my first fainting incident in 2017, my anxiety increased big time. I still was able to work and i didnt have many symptoms other than bad anxiety. My HR was probably sky high and didnt even know it. Anyway i went to a psychiatrist. She treated me like crap. I had to change to a different one in the same clinic because of schedule conflicts. She too treated me bad as well. Later on it dawned on me they probably think i just wanted benzos. They judged me. Ive never even been drunk or smoked weed ever. After several ssris and the
  7. I take xanax. 1mg 4x a day. Or if im having a horrible spell i can take 2mg at once. After my 2 fainting spells in sept 2018, i was never the same including huge amounts of anxiety. It was so bad, i sought out a "crazy clinic". This was before i knew i had hyper pots. They referred me to a psychiatrist. When i saw him, he easily prescribed the meds to me. Hes the most caring doctor i have. He even showed my adrenaline test results to a neuro doc in his free time and learned about my condition. I say if you can live without it, do it. But i couldnt function without it. Not yet at least.
  8. Caffeine boosts my adrenaline and hurts me. I used to down 200mg with a 5 hour energy shot back in the day and nothing could stop me(in a good and i guess unhealthy way). I cant even tolerate a 12 oz coke with 34mgs anymore.
  9. I have a soundbar with a sub in my bedroom. I listened to some rock music. It was loud. I was enjoying it. After the 2nd song, my hands were extremely hot and sweaty like never before. Like my hands were wet. After the 3rd song, i felt like i was possibly going to faint. And i am in bed. Not sure but my body had a panic reaction if anything. A few mins later my hands turned from really hot to very cold. Hours later i am still feeling the adrenaline. Shaking and anxiety. Not like it was but im suffering. My last day of work towards the end of 2018, i fell out. I didnt black out but
  10. The only time this happened to me was recovering from a full faint at olive garden. This was before i knew i had this condition and my first faint issue. When i gained my hearing and vision back, i couldnt move or speak for a few minutes. When the paramedics arrived they were asking me questions for insurance purposes. Some time had passed and i could barely get words out. It was like trying to pick up a really really heavy weight in the strength it required to speak. They wouldnt even let my wife answer for some reason. Even when i was in the ambulance it was hard to speak but he
  11. I cant afford a payment plan at the moment. With both my wife and i disabled with 2 teenage girls, it is just not possible right now. I applied for assistance through the hospital and was denied because of "too much income". Lol.
  12. Dizzy as in the room spinning? No. More like sometimes i feel like im gonna fall which i react to it. I guess cuz im moving and i shouldnt be so i think im gonna fall. Idk
  13. Thank you for sharing. It is comforting to know it just might be pots or whatever. Ill still keep stressing these events to my doctors. It was the worst movement i believe i have had thus far. Its still doing it. Whenever im on a boat ride, it lasts the whole day.
  14. Just took my BP. 150/94. Granted i was upright and on my feet for 5 mins. I have hyper pots so my pressure increases. I layed down and immediately saw a lot of stars. Thats actually why i took my BP. To see if it was too low. My BP is always all over the place from minute to minute so i cant really rely on it to tell me anything other than my nervous system isnt working right.
  15. I know that ive been having a rocking sensation for several months now. I wasnt always like this. I also have probably 100 or more muscle twitches a day. Thats only been going on a few months. Ive asked my wife am i moving several times and she would say no. I got sick earlier from the rising temperatures. It was 73 in the house. Normal to others, not to me. Just now i was laying in bed on my side with elbow in the bed for support as i was about to eat. i could feel my head bobbing up and down. I feel like im on a boat right now with gentle waves. I asked my wife to see if im moving. I
  16. So i take coreg 12.5mg twice a day. In the morning its one pill plus half a pill. At night i take just one pill. Right now my BP is 148/70 at 49BPM(laying down) I have hyper pots so both of my numbers arent good when i stand up. Is there a solution to getting my top number down without making my bottom number go too low? Its always like this. Im afraid if i add another blood pressure medication in the mix, my bottom number will drop too low. Anybody have experiences with this problem?
  17. Makes sense. They made me extremely naseous and out of it. They are talking about doing a 3rd one on me possibly soon. Idk why. I guess to see how well the meds are doing even though the past few months they do a poor mans tilt and see my numbers are still screwed.
  18. I have all of those in my collection lol. You should check out his other work. This is from police story 2. 1 has amazing fights and stunts as well.
  19. Ha they never told me to not eat or drink before mine. I had 2 done.
  20. The blu ray for ip man 4 releases on april 21st at least in the USA. counting down.
  21. I live in TN and the hot weather activates my adrenaline so bad. This winter i have been a lot more stable with elevated adrenaline. I want to move up north.
  22. I just noticed this happening. When i shower, the veins in my palm side become very noticable in color. My camera didnt pick it up as well as you could really see it though. Just a part of the game or something else? Thoughts?
  23. I told my specialist about it. She didnt really comment on it. I guess because she didnt know what to make of it.
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