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  1. By Hallie MacDonald Q: Statistics report an estimate of 25 to 33% of people living with chronic illness also suffering from depression. What is the difference between situational or stress-related depression and chronic or major depression? Is one type more common for people with chronic illness? A. First, it is essential to understand the differences between different types of depression. Clinical depression (also called Major Depressive Disorder) often refers to one or more serious depressive disorders that can occur with or without the person experiencing a specific stressor. The
  2. Above: Yosemite National Park © Luca Nichetti | Dreamstime.com by Hallie MacDonald Did you know that if you have a permanent disability you may be entitled to a FREE, lifetime pass to a National Park or Federal Recreational Land? Physical, mental and sensory impairments are qualifying disabilities under this program. The pass gives you access to over 2000 Federal Recreation sites - including National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Forest and other Recreation Lands. And one of the best features of the pass is that it includes everyone in your car. So you can br
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