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  1. @TCP Thanks for the feedback, i'm awaiting to hear on my MRI results to see if it confirms the mitral issue, I know marfans can be part of it too. I've been given basic tests for hypermobility tc (just finger pushes etc). Could I PM you a video of my tremors on my birthday? Just wanting to gage if its the same kind of tremor. It starts with my legs and then moves up to the upper part of my body but I am pretty much fully concious, and converse etc during it. My last episode was by far the most violent and about 5 times as longer as all my over ones. I have done some research after
  2. i've seen eye doctors, they said they could find nothing wrong and put it down to a retinal migraine years ago, i also had a brains can years ago that came bakck normal
  3. @Pistol I just looked up grand mal seizures on youtube, and I have to say the muscle constriction stuff and movements I see people making are definitely at least almost identical to what I have but with full conciousness. The NHS is quite shoddy at times, there are some awful doctors and nurses etc. I've had it being a seizure written off, simply because I was concious, but i've read multiple times it is possible to be fully concious during these episodes.
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I agreed with the GP to wait and see the POTS specialist before going to a neuro, but if I don't hear back from them soon I will go back to the GP and ask to see a neuro. Im also being sent to a gastrointerolgist, so it does seem kind of reasonable to see these other specialists before then going to another one, as it can become a bit of a mess. It has been a scary time and I do really want to get to the bottom of it, but things take quite long though the NHS these days. I am unable to go private as I was actually fired 6 months into a job once I got ill in Mar
  5. I've been suffering since March after feeling really heavy at work and then going into a seizure like episode where my limbs shake uncontrollably. I've had multiple issues since, such as extreme bowel issues, random bursts of nausea and wrenching and vomiting. A random heart rate which fluctuates daily. I've had tests done for pots and it is believed i suffer from it, there were also notes on my ultrasound , which my cardiologist brushed over, but i saw mild regurgitation on my mitral valve. What I can't get over though is every month to month and a half I get severe pain in my coxis and have
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