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  1. I have blood pooling, but no excessive tachycardia. I stood in one spot for 30 minutes as a test yesterday. My HR only got up to 106, but my legs were purple with pink spots. They also felt heavy and itchy.
  2. Is it possible to have blood pooling without POTS? I know someone with blood pooling, but don't have POTS.
  3. I've been to a electrocardiologist and had a TTT. Electrocardiologist diagnosed me with POTS, but found out it's a different form of Dysautonomia. TTT came back normal, but still have symptoms when standing up manually. I've been to Dr. Paula Moore, in AL, Birmingham. She was perplexed. It sounded like POTS but symptoms don't completely match up. She went ahead and treated me as if I had POTS. I do have answers. I know, at least I think, it's Dysautonomia. I created this post because I'm doubtful. It isn't severe, I'm not bedbound, and I don't faint. I don't know what I'm doing. I guess I'm just frustrated.
  4. I got a blood test a few days ago, and told myself, "If it comes back normal, it's a high probability that I have Dysautonomia.". I'm still doubting that I could have it, since it's mild, but still causes discomforting symptoms. What'dya know, they just called and said everything came back great. No nutritional deficiencies, my fasting glucose is normal, thyroid is normal. All is within normal ranges. I also got my heart and adrenal glands checked last year, which came back normal. But, I don't feel "normal". Why am I constantly lightheaded? Why do I switch from scorching hot to freezing cold? Why can't I sweat in 95 degree weather? Why does my BP stay down persistently low? Why does my HR race up to 30-70 beats more upon standing? I, for the life of me, don't want to bend over to pick up a sock, 'cause I know when I bend back up, I'll have pre-syncope and my heart will start freaking out. The only thing these symptoms point to, is Dysautonomia. I look up my symptoms. Yes, I use Dr. Google. "It must be anxiety, causing my lightheadedness. I must be unfit, because I don't sweat. I probably lay down too much, which is causing my low BP.". Yet, those things don't fit. I rarely get anxiety attacks, I can jog 30mins without stopping, I'm up walking around, because I don't want to be called lazy. Sorry for the complaining. Since the blood test came back normal, I guess it's time to salt-load?
  5. I've been to a cardiologist, and anything and everything heart related came back normal, except bradycardia and hypotension. The cardiologist was the one to see the HR increase. But, my BP did drop (120/76 to 90/60.). He did diagnosed me with POTS, but I knew I didn't have it because I don't have a sustained 30+ HR. It shoots up like someone with POTS, but evens out within a minute or so. (e.g. My HR while sitting is 70's, shoots up to 120-130's, but not long after, heads back down to 70-80's and stays there.)
  6. Yes, I am. I have noticed worsening of symptoms during my cycle. Usually it's a increase in lightheadedness and fatigue.
  7. My HR doesn't stay sustained. It just shoots up, and then heads back down. But, I have noticed POTS-like symptoms after exercise. It exaggerates my blood pooling. My HR while sitting after exercise can be 70's-80's, but goes up to 130-140 and stays there. It goes away after cooling down. Maybe I'm a mild case of POTS, just have to stand for a long time for symptoms to occur. Or, just have to have to right "ingredients" for symptoms to become worse.
  8. Possible OH. After I stand/bend over I have pre-syncope (lightheadedness, vision dimming, noises sounds distant), but have not fainted, yet. I tried to catch the drop on my BP machine, but instead of going down, it went up (105/58 puls84 to 123/65 puls123). I have seen the systolic go from 104 to 78, and pulse go from low 70's to low 120's. I'm probably just too slow in catching the drop, or my system compensates the drop fast enough. I have not had a PFT.
  9. I don't have POTS. I'm getting a full panel blood test on Monday, along with fasting for glucose test, just to rule out things that cause similar symptoms. But, everything at this point is coming back normal.
  10. I've noticed that I have chest tightness when standing still in one spot. Usually standing still for 4-7mins causes it to occur. Sitting down or moving helps. It's a tight squeezing feeling in the middle of the chest, kind of like someone is squeezing your heart. Heat can also cause this sensation, if it's hot outside, or standing in front of a hot stove, or even opening a dishwasher. Could this possibly be from blood pooling?
  11. I can relate to that. Specifically, with my hands. My fingertips turn from ice cold to blazing hot in a matter of minutes. The hands sort of change colors, but not Raynaud's. Fingernail beds turn purple-ish/blue to red, and the whole hand turns pale to red. Maybe the red color is blood pooling? My BP is already sinking. And it's not summer yet. Leaves me scared to think if this year is going to be worst than last year.
  12. I finally got the exercise pedals. But, I keep on wondering if it was the right choice, because I can exercise while standing. While the constant lightheadedness is worse while standing, I feel like I'm being lazy, and not pushing my limits, if I don't stand up and exercise. But, then again, summer is going to be a pain. Not able to go outside because it's going to stay 85+ degrees, and possible "pop-up" storms. I get the same sensation while exercising. I haven't passed out before, but many times felt like I was going to. I have persistently low BP also. Mine don't get down too low, though. But, again, with summertime, it'll probably go down to 70/40's.
  13. Does anyone else have worsening of symptoms after exercise? Usually brisk walking causes my blood pooling to get real bad. I'm still able to stand, but I'll feel very lightheaded.
  14. Sadly, they took my BP a few minutes after the drop. It seems like It drops immediately upon standing, rather than a few minutes later. I'm going to get exercise pedals, especially for summertime. It's hard to exercise while standing. It seems to aggravate the blood pooling, causing the lightheadedness to get worse. I'm really scared about summertime, especially since heat, causing the blood pooling the worsen, and BP will be even lower. And also the inability to sweat. Living in the South East can be bliss or a nightmare.
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