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  1. I’m in a large high school with a lot of students, so there are obviously lots of crowds when the bell rings and I have to go to my next class. I was diagnosed with POTS last year at the end of the school year so I never really got to experience POTS and school. I have some other medical problems too, but my doctors/specialists are still trying to figure it out with me. Since I’ve been in school I’ve noticed this dizziness and disorientation in crowds. Every time I’m in a crowd I get really, really disoriented and confused. It’s a weird feeling and it’s hard to describe. It feels almost like I’m dreaming and my spacial awareness feels off and everything is just off. It makes me feel kind of like I’m going to pass out or fall asleep. It’s really strange and I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this weird feeling in crowds.
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