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  1. Thank you so much for all of your answers! I am ordering the same brand on amazon now 🤗
  2. Ah, interesting- that makes sense, the tricking cortisol idea. Thank you for your response! I was able to manage low BP swings with tons of hydration and increased salt/ vitassium pills, but am finding I need something more now. Do you know about how long it worked before you began tolerating it? Was it only a few weeks, or months? And did you take pill form or tea? Thank you 😊
  3. Did the licorice root help increase aldosterone levels? Which then increased overall blood volume?
  4. Any tips from the pros for convincing a doctor to write an RX for monthly or bi-monthly IV fluids? I've found that 2-3 days after my cycle every month my BP is low for me (averaging around 85/55) and that IV fluids seem to help tremendously. I've gone to an overpriced IV Hydration "Bar" the past few months and have asked my GP and Electrophys to write a letter to insurance to submit my receipts for reimbursement or an RX to receive hydration in office, but they will not do it. I guess, once again, it boils down to many doctors not understanding dysautonomia. Any suggestions on what you've done to convince your doctors it is needed, or should I just suck it up and pay $100+ for IV fluids on my own?
  5. Definitely! This is why I’m going to this specific endo, because I have a feeling the others are perfectly content skimming the surface 🙄 Thank you!!
  6. I actually have an appointment with an endo who specializes in thyroid in two weeks, so i'll be tested then. all other GPs have said "normal", but sometimes I feel like they don't look deep enough or consider patients as an individual who may be slightly different than their "normal" range. I will ask about hashi testing for sure! Thank you
  7. It has literally changed my life. Salt pills made me feel terrible and upset my stomach, this has not been an issue at all! I started with one pill at a time just to make sure I could handle it okay, and find that I really only need one at a time except on really bad low BP days (typically around my time of the month). I can’t recommend them enough
  8. Hypo, never hashis. Thyroid was the first thing I thought was going on when all of this started... but all is fine on that front as of now!
  9. Yes, I’ve had hypothyroidism for about ten years... started when I was 17.
  10. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through all of this, the beginning stages of navigating all the changes can be so overwhelming! I know you mentioned salt and fluid increases already, but two things that I’ve found life changing for both of those things have been the Salt Stick Vitassium pills (got mine on amazon) and Drip Drop brand electrolyte packets (I drink 1-3 a day). Before these things I was already drinking tons of fluids and eating more salt, but both of these brands have a perfect combo of electrolytes & potassium/sodium. Compression stockings, as mentioned already, are helpful and even just forcing yourself to walk or move around (I know it’s hard when you feel so “yuck” ;-/)... I also found that sleeping propped up seems to help tremendously. I hope you’re able to get into your next appointments soon for continued testing - I know the waiting can be horrible!
  11. Thank you for responding so far, they’ve only diagnosed me with hypotension, but I think the hyper may be a possibility too (just not diagnosed yet) because I definitely have those symptoms too.
  12. Kind of along these lines with quick BPswings that are undetectable, does anyone else get clammy hands/feet and feel hot during low blood pressure drops or days the BP is running lower?
  13. Amen to what @WinterSown said about your friends - people try to write it off but only YOU Know your body & dysautonomia can be so unpredictable!
  14. So sorry you’re going through all of this! I know it can be scary and so unsettling. my dysautonomia symptoms actually started much like this, and they were all over the map and confusing in regards to times of day and such I think the falling asleep and night tachy is a very common symptom for many of us- it’s just that our autonomic nervous systems aren’t quite doing what they’re supposed to as our bodies settle down to go to sleep & it’s like they get stuck in a fight or flight mode. The same thing would happen to me in the beginning, but it would typically wake me up two hours after falling asleep... tight throat, racing heart... then I would be crazy anxious thinking “what in the world is happening!”. I ended up being prescribed a sleeping pill for the first few months of my journey and it helped significantly... almost like my body needed to be “retrained” on what it was supposed to do at bedtime. That said, they did a 7-day holter heart rate monitor before prescribing anything, just to rule out any arrhythmias. Might be something to ask for next? A cardiologist or electrophysiologist would do that for you. One of my doctors has said that many times dysautonomia symptoms are triggered by varying levels of cortisol and hormones, so I’m wondering if the feeling better at night after dinner has something to do with that? Our hormones and cortisol levels change throughout the day & could be triggering changes in overall blood pressure or other ANS regulated things. An endocrinologist would probably be a great one to look into that!
  15. Check out the dysautonomia-mvp center in Birmingham, Alabama. I have two friends who have gone there
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