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  1. My son has MCAS. Though I have never been tested. Glad I am not alone. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi everyone. New to the board. I have dysautonomia and autoimmune disease. I seem to be very sensitive to meds and supplements. Wondering if normal for most? I have had increased dysautonomia symptoms after taking zithromax, vigamox eye drops and most recently Zinc? I get increased heart rate, sweating, difficulty breathing, shaking chills, dizziness, and brain fog, and sometimes accompanied by stomach symptoms. The zinc dose was very low and flare lasted about 7 days. Anyone else have same problems? Thanks!
  3. I recently had worsened POTS symptoms after taking supplemental Zinc low dose. Had increased HR, shaking chills, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, brain fog, etc.. lasted 7 days. Anyone else had that happen? Also happened when I took zithromax a couple of years ago. My doc does not know much about it. Thanks!
  4. @Ashc I understand where you are coming from. My stress level and anxiety are at an all time high. I am not sleeping. I am afraid of the virus; afraid to get the vaccine. I know people who have had side effects which has made me more nervous to get it even though I want a vaccine and know those sode effects are extremely rare. Everything makes my POTS worse! I am thankful you made the post however and everyone here seems very encouraging and hopeful. I just posted to also let you know you are not alone.
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