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  1. I think they were more asking if it excludes a fast heart rate leading to something dangerous occurring in the heart.
  2. I've found the Mag won't reduce the number of ectopics, just make them feel a bit softer. Combined with taurine, after a week or so the senstion is softer still and the numbers of them started to drop. I still get loads of them but it's certainly better than without.
  3. I've found supplementing with magnesium citrate and taurine to be super helpful with PVCs. They don't get rid of them but it's roughly halved the number and - most importantly - reduced the sensation so now they feel very soft and much more manageable.I've found supplementing with magnesium citrate and taurine to be super helpful with PVCs. They don't get rid of them but it's roughly halved the number and - most importantly - reduced the sensation so now they feel very soft and much more manageable.
  4. It causes some pretty nasty side effects, causes severe anxiety, depression, can lower blood sugar levels, and causes low blood pressure. It can cause the refactory period of the heart to become longer which would be less than ideal if you have PVC's etc. as many here do. It can also cause or worsen bradycardia, increases GI problems, worsens drowsiness and dizziness, and I think key for people here, can cause problems with the nervous system. It'a also a vasodilator, another POTS no-no. Western medicine no longer uses Rauvolfia except in extreme edge cases where safer blood pressure medications cannot be used.
  5. I’m not sure how well raising works. I feel like it helps in some ways and hinders in others. I feel less tired but more pressure in my head during the day.
  6. Potentially but it waxes and wanes with my other POTS symptoms, and I've seen it seems common in POTS.
  7. I think if there's a marked drop in blood pressure when standing, Orthostatic Hypotension may be the more likely candidate, with POTS, many definitions the require the BP to stay somewhat stable or even rise in the case of HyperPOTS. The other reason I may say that is the slow increase in heart, rate, I may be wrong but I tend to go from 60 to 100 basically instantly.
  8. I am not sure but I do find myself coughing a lot, i often swallow down the wrong hole aswell. Additionally I can find my voice is weaker than I would normally like and I get dizzy and tired when I talk too much.
  9. Well I am pleased to say I got some sleep last night and while I still feel very drowsy and tired I had the energy to do my interview this morning and I believe I aced it and did well. Chuffed it's over. Rest of the day I am going to be a zombie haha.
  10. Yeah. I’m hoping that’s all it is but I felt like I was coping fine for quite a while, good couple of weeks. Then on Saturday it was like hitting a brick wall. I felt like I was coping with the situation ok but maybe not. I will see my GP.
  11. Thanks. I'd been doing so well lately, too, I had so fewer PVCs and even though I had some dizziness I was working and doing a lot. Now I feel floored. I am trying to take it easy. Sadly I can't get the time off work right now, I am being made redundant and forced to apply for my own job and my interview is tomorrow. Perfect timing eh.
  12. I often see people on here talking about having 'POTS attacks', 'POTS Flairs', 'POTS storm' and other similar terms, which almost suggest they're fine sometimes but then just have POTS randomly for periods of time. There's no clear definition anywhere on the internet talking about this - it seems to be just a term that I see but there's no definition anywhere for someone who is new to all this and most POTS sites don't even mention this is a thing. Is there any information on this. Since Saturday I have felt far more dizzy, adrenaline surges, tired, unwell, feeling like I am about to pass out all the time even when sitting - I am scared it won't stop. Is this a POTS attack? Or is it something new? Will this go away?
  13. Rauvolfia is pretty dangerous stuff. I wouldn't try it.
  14. This is more I could not get to sleep at all. Today I’m feeling nauseated and faint at times and I have the chills too.
  15. I felt like I'd been doing better recently. I had a tooth extracted about 4 weeks ago and since then my PVC's had steadily started to calm down, and even despite being made redundant my other POTS symptoms have stayed roughly as usual although I have been feeling dizzier than usual and getting pins and needles / cold hands etc. when sitting down. Then the night before last I literally didn't sleep all night. Whenever I felt I was about to drift off to sleep it was almost as if I was passing out - weird I know - but then a sudden jolt of adrenaline and being woken right up. The tinnitus was worse than usual too. This went on literally all night. I didn't sleep at all. During the daytime I felt very queasy but not as tired as I'd have expected. Come bed time last night, I wasn't quite as bad, but I made a point to drink more water that day. I didn't feel the fainting sensation but regular adrenaline surges regardless and the PVCs were bothering me. In the end I had that much adrenaline I had to vomit. After that I fell asleep and slept right through. I am just worried this is going to be my new 'norm' - so far sleep has been my only sanctuary. To loose that too would be beyond miserable.
  16. This sounds a lot like sleep paralysis, to be honest. I used to get it a fair bit. Weirdly not so much since POTS started. Have you ever noticed that events that happened in the "dream" actually happened?
  17. The appointments with GP's are supposed to be 10, with cardiologists 30 minutes, but anyone who uses the NHS will tell you this is wildly unrealistic. Doctors in and out, Cardiologists 5, 10 minutes or so if you're lucky. Ok. Just been staying off the internet as best as I can as it just seems to wind me up more than anything.
  18. Never heard of that. Did it work for you?
  19. Indeed. Personally I don't even know if cardiologists are the right people to even be looking at POTS beyond initial workup and checks for other possible causes. Surely the focus once a healthy heart and no other heart conditions is ruled out is to look at an autonomic specialist and neurologists?
  20. "inhibiting atrial-ventricular conduction, and extending the refractory period of the heart rhythm" This sounds like a bad thing? I mean in certain situations. Especially in someone with PVCs or PACs / other arrhythmias? I often find it curious how focus on treatment seems to be to try and surpress the pacemaker in some way when the pacemaker is just doing what it's being told to do. Interfering with it seems like playing with fire to my mind.
  21. What is Rauwolfia? I'm not sure why anyone would even be taking it / want to based on that? How does it relate to reserpine / what is that?
  22. I feel like this every day at some point or another. Or all of it. I think it is Anxiety in my case as my heart is constantly flip flopping around and bothering me.
  23. It's disappointing to hear he does not seem to be as knowledgeable or reliable as it seemed.
  24. It seems like a LONG way for me to travel in my current condition and it would cost me a lot to do so if they don't even know as much as you or I probably do. 😕 What would they likely be able to do? Apparently the website for the Autonomic Unit there says they only accept referrals from specialists or GP's on the advice of specialists.
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